Travel theme: sky

Looking up


Or looking down


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Travel Theme: stone


There was a time when I believed as hard as stone in you, in us and everything that it entailed. No stones can survive the passing of time so how could we… All that remains are the ruins of what used to be, as only proof that it ever existed, till it finally comes to the ground and disappear for good.

Time for goodbyes is not there yet it seems, till then, we hand on to what we can…

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Travel theme: Height



Standing on the verge of the Cliffs of Moher, that’s when you realize how little you are, how easy it would be for the wind to blow you away if it decided to. You want to walk back, but somehow you’re stuck to the ground, unable to look away from how beautiful our planet is.

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Travel theme: sculpture

Dunedin, NZ

Castle Beach, Dunedin, NZ

At the very end of the world, overlooking the immensity of the ocean that it faces, this rock has been sculpted by the years that went by. It has seen so much more than any human being could ever imagine, maybe that is why you feel forced to silence, when you reach that little beach, that uncovers only with low tide.

I miss NZ, every single day.

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Travel Theme: peaceful


My last day on the South Island… Queenstown NZ. It was a sunny Sunday of beginning of summer, the city was buzzing with happy people taking the sunshine. Some were playing ball by the water, others were chilling in the park drinking beers. A group of people were having a Sunday afternoon party in the park, and the wind was carrying the music all around town. As we walked through the park , I couldn’t have felt happier. To me, it was perfectness if there is such a word, everything was right were it should have been, peace of heart at its best.

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I am off for a post exam party week, so I’ll see you next week!