Recipe of the week


labelbox_20130526_124959 I discovered Thumbprint cookies a little while ago, and the idea had been in my head ever since. I thought it would taste great if I would use a shortbread type of cookie, with raspberry jam in the middle.

As I was randomly browsing trough Joy of Baking cooking blog, as I often do, there it was, my dream in action! Have you ever been on that blog? I personally love it, everything she makes turn out gorgeous and most of the time it is very simple and perfectly explained. The amount of kitchen appliances she finds in her kitchen amazes me! I love the fact that she makes videos as doing the recipes, that way she can tell us all the little tricks she uses along the way. She owns a huge dog, whom you can see crossing the kitchen or naturally opening the door to get out in pretty much every single video, and he is so oblivious of all that goes around I want to hug him! Sometimes, he stands next to the counter, licking his lips as she is preparing some delicacy…

I had my own recipe of shortbread, but I decided to try hers to see if it tasted different (link to the recipe here). Shortbread are one of my favorite cookies, which I discovered on my first trip in Scotland, and they are so easy to make. They looked absolutly perfect before I put them into the oven, and then, disaster, they completly dislocated!! I do not think it has anything to do with the recipe, I do not have an electrical mixer to  beat the butter and I must have failed something there. I only changed the nuts for coconut flakes as it was the only thing I had on hand and it was delicious. I used half of what she said on the recipe, and I must have had about 14 cookies.