Quote of the week


“I might be anyone, a lone fool out in the sun

Your heartbeat of solid gold, 

I love you, you’ll never know”

Alesso and Calvin Harris – Under Control


Dream it. Wish it. Do it.

Hello Friday!


Let me confess something here… We all have an idea of what we want to be when we grow up, as a child. Me, I wanted to be a dolphin trainer. I used to know everything there was to know on dolphins, I had tons of books that I couldn’t even read and bought every picture or character representing a dolphin. They were my favorite animals untill it turned into my very own life tragedy, because no, I would never be a dolphin trainer. Mom and Dad said it, so it must be true. They said “M. you can’t be a dolphin trainer” and when I asked why, every single time they would say “Because it is one in a million that get to do that”. And when I asked if that meant they thought I would never be able to be the ‘one in the million’ they would just remain silent. Eventually it rooted in, that I would never be good enough. Travelling Australia and New Zealand, I realized that yes, I could have been this person. Because there are way more than one person in a million that work with dolphins. The reason I’m talking about that? I want to show you today a little paradise, Monkey Mia.


On the west coast of Australia, a good ten hours from Perth. If you’re travelling by bus as we were, you need to want it to see it… We took a first bus from Perth to what they call ‘Overlander'(10 hours ride). Which is a petrol station in the middle of absolutly nowhere. We got down from the bus, got slapped in the face by the heat, picked up our backpacks, and sat at the table, fighting off the millions of flies harassing us. The desert. The bush as they call it. This man, this old man with his pick up truck came to pick us up then, and drove us all the way to Denhman where we spent the night. Takes about two hours more. He came again to pick us up the next morning and dropped us at Money Mia resort, a little place known for its dolphin colonies… It took us 30 minutes more. That old man, very nice old man I need to say, was sort of … creepy. On the way, he insisted on telling us how many dead kangaroos he had seen that morning on the side of the road. Then his world record of dead kangaroos. He also showed us a picture of this beautiful baby son, called… Brax. Me to ask, as a joke, if his wife was a fan of ‘Home and Away’ (you know that oh so famous Australian tv soap?). Well, let me tell you, yes his wife is the biggest fan of the show and named her own baby after the braxton family…


Back to Monkey Mia! We spent three days there, it was just us and a very few people really, but we had an amazing time. I had never seen wild dolphins in my life before but I must have seen a hundred on just these few days! We went on a cruise, seen a Dugong, went for a walk in the red dirt and chilled by the pool. Had some barbecues and a few cocktails.

The life I like to live!!

I think on that case, photos will be better than any words I could say. Enjoy!