We are on a hike to nowhere



One thing that was on our must do list while in NZ was a horse ride in the Lord of the Rings Land, the very place Boromir lost his life, I name: Glenorchy.

You should see that place, completly lost, mountains and horses, forest and lakes, you won’t even dare to speak cause you feel so small compared to what is around you. It turns out that many movies have been filmed there, from Wolverine to the Lord of the Rings, Narnia or Prince of Persia. The first time I went to Glenorchy, it was freezing cold, the mountains were still covered in snow and the horses really just wanted hibernation… It was just the two of us and the guide, a lovely guy very fond of every thing lord of the rings. He introduced us to all the ‘famous’ horses, showed us all the sights and picked me up from the mud when my horse decided to throw me off its back… No offense taken, I just carried my messed up shoulder till the very end of the trip!

I took my Mom again when we were in Queenstown. We only had a few hours but I insisted she had to see it, that it was way worth the drive. It was a very different sight that Glenorchy offered us that day, the sky was so low it nearly touched the land. It was the begining of Spring then, the whole place was packed with Lupin flowers. That’s when my love for lupins began!

I believe very few words can describe Glenorchy, so I won’t attempt to say any more about it. Just leave you with a few photos!

Have a great week end!

  • In winter:










  • Spring:









Queenstown fever



It is only when I first reached Queenstown that I realized what a small town it was!! By the size of its reputation I thought it would be the biggest city of the south island, but oh no, 10 000 people live there only! It has the feel of a mountain village, exactly like I imagine it in my head.

Long story short, Queenstown is amazing. Party place, it is called the city that never sleeps. World capital of bungy jumping, you have all the crazy activities on offer. And that is not it. Queenstown can be summed up in one word:

FERGBURGER!! That is all everybody can talk really when you mention Queenstown. Just the biggest burgers you’ve ever seen in the entire universe. Special mention to Patagonia too, for their amazing chocolate, churros and ice creams.

We first stayed at the Butterfly Lodge, a lovely, lovely little hostel. Basically a house with a few more bedrooms than normal, you can enjoy a good movie in the lounge with the house cat loved up on your laps. They have a collection of TAPES, yes tapes, you know those things we used to have to watch movies… It’s like spending the week end at your grandma, except the beds are a lot comfier! We later picked another hostel, just because we are lazy girls and the Butterfly Lodge is on top of a cliff. Only people who have been in NZ will know what I mean.

So we also stayed at Bungi Backpackers. There are a few hostels, not many though, in NZ that I have not liked at all and this is one of them. So yes, it was so very cheap, and yes there was free soup for dinner BUT the roooooooms!! OMG! We had the room that was outside, so we had to walk outside to get in the main building to have access to the bathroom (which was not bad I have to admit). We were sharing a room with a lot of people and even if it was freezing outside I slept with the window open for I’ve never smelt anything so horrendous in my life! The room was full of sick people and we later realized one of the guys was growing pot under his bed, which probably explained the smell.

We spend three days in Queenstown the first time, we had too much food, too much fun and so much beauty thrown to our faces everything seemed plain afterwards.

Have a great week end!
















I love them summer days


How was your week end? As far as I am concerned, very hot couple of days, just like I love them!

I have been baking all week, it’s always such a fight to prepare stuff around here, trying to preserve a bit of dough from my voracious brother or to hide all the necessary ingredients from my greedy Dad…

Here is a bit of what was my week like, tipical summertime week in the neighborhood!

  • Some wine:


  • Some quality time in the garden:



  • Some baking:
Fresh cherries from the garden

Fresh cherries from the garden

To make a delicious cherry pie

To make a delicious cherry pie

Lime panna cotta with a coat of red berries

Lime panna cotta with a coat of red berries

  • Some more wine:


  • My babies:


Some have it hard

Some have it hard

  • Not to forget, the fresh fruits:








Weekly Photo Challenge: nostalgic


First road trip, with the family, when it all started I imagine. Through the beautiful Irish landscape of the Connemara, back when road trips only meant candies and cookies in the back seat, singing along with Michael Buble on repeat, looking through the window for hours on, discovering a land that isn’t your own, and that will never be. Not knowing what travelling would ever become for me, and the room Ireland would suddenly take in my life some day.

Time flies.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

Hey there!

Time to introduce you to that little thing that have been my companion for the past three years: Ponpon


Being a student with no settled situation, I never thought about getting a pet. Then my friend E. decided she wanted a goldfish for her birthday, so of course I got her a gold fish for her birthday… Took her to the pet store, facing the millions little gold fish she was taking forever to pick one, so I said ‘I’m just going to go over to the rabbits to have a look’. How could I resist that tiny little face huh??

In the end, I told E. she had to choose that little gold fish, because of its particular yellow color… Do I need to say that little  fish was actually yellow because it was sick? Poor Dudule, we buried him not even two weeks later… Ponpon on the other hand, is still alive and well, running and jumping around with its ears flying around his face! He is a very cheeky, stubborn kinda rabbit who looooooves to do things that annoy me!

Funny how you get attached to those little things no?

Here is Ponpon, as of today:


Isn’t he gorgeous?

Thanks to the Daily Post for allowing me to post a wonderfully cheesy post about my favorite companion… Without whom I certainly would have never come home… Anyway, have a good day!



Recipe of the week


labelbox_20130623_123847So very exited to have a proper kitchen I’ve been baking all week. However, it seems everyone around me is on a “diet”, and that includes my 90 years old grandma! I think we French people have a very wrong relationship with our body weight…

Anyway, I think oatmeal cookies enter into the category of ‘healthy baking’ no? At least I thought so, but they still contain butter and sugar, the only good thing about them is probably the oat… But they are DELICIOUS! I got the recipe from Smitten Kitchen cooking blog (link here), I cut the ingredients in half (and still got about 15 cookies) and replaced the raisins by chocolate (hem… probably nothing healthy left in these ones…).

And if everyone was on a diet, they were gone within two days!

Cheers everyone, I hope you had a great week end!







Hasta luego Espana…


20130613_204109I am still so unused to my new life, living with my parents again, for the first time in 6 years bothers me more than I thought it would.

But anyway, my last week in Spain was full of events and I think it’s time I share a little bit…

I finished my last exam on Tuesday and took a bus straight to Madrid to meet my bestie C. that I hadn’t seen for 6 months already. The weather was brilliant, 34° sunshine, couldn’t hope for anything better!! We had a crazy night and spend the next day paying for it… Got back to Salamanca on Thursday, and that’s when I learnt, the TERRIBLE news!!! I failed an exam. Never in my life it has happened to me. Did not see that one coming really, so I did what I never do: I went to the teacher to ask for help, get some extra work for some extra credit (this subject is the very last I need to pass to graduate, so be understanding I do not usually care that much!), or whatever he’d be willing to make me do… Well let me tell you: MISTAKE. Never in my life have I been screamed at like that, litterally humiliated in public. It’s all a good joke now when I think of it, but I was in such a rage afterwards, and eventually I still can’t graduate because of it…

Anyway, my point was a last post about my dear Salamanca. It was a heartbreak to leave it with such a beautiful sunshine, but hey, after leaving the Down Under there were no tears left to be shed. We spend the last three days sightseeing the region, eating tapas and drinking sangria. My dad drove down for the week end and he was like a kid, reunited with his old Salamanca, telling us all the stories of his mad student days here 😉

So this is my last batch of pictures of Salamanca: the Universidad Antigua. I will miss these old buildings for sure. But at least I hope that will give some of you the idea of visiting it…



The end is near!!

Hello everyone!

Omg, this might be my last week end of studying! I am, EVER! Wow, I just can’t imagine a life without anything hanging over my head anymore…

However, I still have one more final to go on Tuesday, no words can tell how exited I am for it to be over. Salamanca is just so quiet, toooooo quiet these days!! Two weeks ago, the streets suddenly emptied and the libraries filled up, the sound of the silence at night prevent me from sleeping, and Salamanca isn’t just quite the same without all the crazy students partying. I bet next week will be MAD!

So, here’s a little pick at what are exams week like in Salamanca:

  • A lot of tea and coffee:


  • Some chilling in the sun:


  • A LOT of procrastination studying:


  • Some … distraction:


  • A few sweets:


Good luck to all of you enduuuuuuring…