La Alberca


A good three weeks already that I’ve left Spain, and I still have a few things I wanted to talk about here.

After our first stop in Ciudad Rodrigo, we headed to La Alberca, a tiny little village that my Dad really wanted to show us. Apparently, when he first went to visit it a good 30 years ago, La Alberca was the poorest place in Spain, stuck in the middle age, with no pavements at all, pigs running around the streets, and children playing in the mud.

La Alberca has changed an awful lot, and the first thing we’ve seen there, was a huge tourist bus parked in front of the village. It has been renovated keeping the old architecture, the streets are paved, and it is full of souvenir shops. It was a gorgeous hot day, we strolled along the streets and found the most amazing Jamon shop (ham). Only if you’ve been into one you’ll know the gorgeous smell of a good smoked Spanish ham. C., Dad and I went litterally crazy in there, bought tons of ham and chorizo to take home, but also enough to make the most delicious picnic of our lives! We first bought enough for the picnic and when we realized how little it actually cost us, we went back in there and bought the whole store. La Pata Negra, probably the most expensive ham – but so delicious – on the planet is originally from that region, if I am not mistaken.

We then drove to La Pena de Francia, which is a huge monastery on top of a mountain. The sky was very clear and my Dad was so exited to finally see it without fog. They say on clear days you can see all the way to the atlantic ocean, past Portugal. We drove drove drove up until maybe, 2km from the top when… the road was closed! No way, so close from our goal and yet unreachable… Of course you can climb to the top, but we did not have enough time ahead of us, so we just sat there, looking at it while devouring our ham and cheese…

As we were slowly driving back to Salamanca, we noticed a cherry tree packed with red cherries on the side of the road… Then another one, and another one, cherrie trees everywhere! Dad didn’t want us to eat them, he says it’s stealing, as far as I’m concerned I do not care! C and I went to pick a full bag of cherries!! All the branches on the side of the road weren’t holding any cherries so I guess we weren’t the only ones unable to resist their call…



La Alberca

La Alberca






La Pena de Francia

La Pena de Francia