A day in Biarritz



I had the chance when I drove my brother down to Bidart to spend some time in Biarritz, a very well known, very pleasant town in the Pays Basque. It is a surfing place, it displays a lot of fancy shops, has a fantastic Casino with the view on La Grande Plage, and a gorgeous landscape.

By the time we found a spot to park we had lost enough time to have to run down to the center, have a look around, go back to the car and find another parking spot to be on time for the Sunday rugby game. Biarritz was defeated by Toulon, it came as no surprise, but still, we had a lovely time.

As we drove back to Bidart, we had the most amazing sunset I’ve seen in France, I took the time to park the car and enjoy the view for a few minutes, thing that I never used to do before. Funny how it took me to travel to the other side of the world and back to realize what was right in front of me. Marcel Proust once said ‘discovery consists not in seeking new lands but in seeing with new eyes’ and I could not agree more. Finally, I can see what is around me and find some comfort in it when the times of longing get to me.













Heading south


Hump day YAY!!

In early September, I was lucky enough to move my little brother in his new flat, where he would start off university. We took the car, both of us and the rest of his stuff, and drove all the way down to Bidart, a good 5hours from where we live.

Bidart is in that beautiful surfing region, area code starting in 64, region that we name: le pays basque. As sad as I was to let my last brother go, after years sharing our home, watching movies and picking ridiculous little fights, I was very happy with that short week end, and I did not have any worry the day I left him in the rugby territory of france.

Bidart is a small village, very basque, counting no less than 3 frontons! A fronton is the name they give the field for that very tipycal basque sport: la pelote basque. I know what it looks like but I’ve never actually seen anyone play that game, I think that would be an experience and I hope I will have the opportunity while he is down there to see a game.

It is a surfing coast as I said, very dramatic landscape, very green with a lot of gorgeous beaches and huge houses.

If you have a chance to go down there, remember to try a gateau basque, the traditonal cherry cake from the local boulangerie.

That was a lot of Frenchness for one day, I hope I made it interesting enough!







Bidart's boulangerie

Bidart’s boulangerie

One of bidary's fronton

One of bidart’s fronton







I always felt fascinated by lighthouses.I love the architectures, I love their loneliness, I love that they save lives.

I realized what they really meant only when I started going sailing. That every lighthouse had a meaning, according to its shape, to its color, and to how they are drawn on the map. You need to be in the middle of the ocean in the heart of the night to realize how dark it really is. The stars above you, you are only surrounded by a complete darkness from which you wouldn’t even see your own feet. The lighthouse will become your best friend.

I remember I read a book a few years ago, amazing book where the center of the story is the lighthouse. And a man, who was its guardian for his entire life. Because before, people used to stay in them, to turn it on everynight. Do you imagine being stuck there, for days on, just you and the sea? What struck me the most in this book, was that the seagulls would come to crash on the windows of the lighthouse, attracted by the light, and this man turned to madness watching seagulls kill themselves one by one, in order to save our human lives…

This particular lighthouse is no longer of use anymore. The marina got bigger, they added new lighthouses, and they only light that one ‘for the show’. The fisherman at the bottom guards it, everyday, looking out to the mermaid in the horizon.







Get over your hill and see what you find there

Hello there!


Finishing today my little serie on Quiberon… On our second day, we started having really bad weather, so what else to do in such conditions than taking a walk in the beautiful Côte Sauvage? It is the very end of the peninsula, a very wrecked landscape where the waves comes rushing to the rocks with the storm. I love a good dark sky, heavy clouds, the yellow light.

We had a drink by the beach later on, watching the rain in the horizon, waiting for it to pour over us, but it did not. The next morning, we woke up to a beautiful sunshine, started on our morning run, and halfway through the wind started to blow and we found ourselves in the heart of the storm… Why does it always have to happen halfway?? Later on that morning, the sun came back and we almost believed to a beautiful summer day. However, as they say in Bretagne, ‘sunshine it is many times a day’ but it also means the rest of the time it is rain!

I hope you enjoy the photos, and will have a chance to see this beautiful part of France one day.


Welcome to Bretagne

Hi people!


Back to reality… I had a very good week end, even though it was pretty much storming all along. But I always say there are only two places in the world where I agree to some heavy wind and pouring rain, that is: New Zealand and Bretagne. In fact, if I love liying at the beach all day, I prefer Bretagne with a big fat storm, maybe it comes from my past love for sailing. The skies are ever so fantastic over the wrecked coastline. Just in case, maybe I should mention that Bretagne is the little ‘arm’ of land that you see on the west coast of France. We’ve been going to Quiberon every summer since I was a very little girl, and I like to say that I am totally bretonne at heart. Quiberon is what we call a presqu’ile, literally meaning ‘almost an isle’. Only a narrow piece of land links Quiberon to the continent. It is popular for summer vacation among French people.

The weather was actully not too bad on our first day, we even had a nice morning with a bright blue sky. We went to the beach so my parents could have a dip, went shopping in the afternoon and had a nice mojito on the sand to finish the day. This week end was all about sea food and booze, as always with mom and dad, and let me tell you, we had a feast of both!

Happy days really. Here are some photos, I’ll have a few more to share later in the week.




PS Happy 30st wedding anniversary to my beloved parents! 30 years together, with two personalities so absolutly opposite, leaves me in awe.