Being a tourist in your own city, part II


The rain has returned to us, but that won’t stop me from showing you my sunniest photos oh no!

My favorite part of Salamanca is, if you follow me you probably have noticed, the old city. Wandering on the paved streets, admiring the architecture, the storks flying all over my head, with a slight breeze to keep me from being too hot (rarely happens). I can’t get enough of Calle Compania, my favorite of them all, and Rua Mayor.

IMG_20130307_161721Salamanca boasts two cathedrals and today, and as I already talked about the Catedral Vieja, today I want to introduce you to the Catedral Nueva y el Convento San Esteban.

To enter, you will have to pay a fee, something like 2€ for students, and that gives you access to the Convent and the cathedral. There is also a wee museum inside, which explains the fee, however, it was closed when we went, because ‘it’s morning’. It did not stop them from charging us, but anyway, that is Spain, I stopped questionning long ago!

I love the fact that they put magnifying mirrors on the ground so you can have a proper look at all the details on the ceilings. The staircase is once again, gorgeous. You can go upstairs in the church, to have the best view possible on the whole thing. I find that immense golden/wooden thing behind the altar quite extraordinary, for I’ve never seen anything quite like it before, except in La Iglesia Clerecia. Any idea what it is?

One funny fact about Salamanca, is that you have hidden characters carved on the walls of the monuments, amoung the usual monstrous characters… The Catedral Vieja holds an astronaut, and the old Uni has a frog hidden on one of its outside. It is a must do when you come to Salamanca, the frog on the uni is one of the symbols of the city. The legend says whoever can see it will be ensured luck on his next exams… My first exam being Saturday, I pray that the wee frog won’t forget me! Can you see it? (click on the pic to make it appear full screen)


Well, that is all for today. I think I have now given you all of my insights on the cultural Salamanca, you can go and see some of the previous posts if you are interested by what the rest of the city offers.