La ruta de los Castillos


When we drove back up from Salamanca, Dad insisted that we took the long road, through Castilla y Leon, so that we could have a look at the old Spanish castles.

First stop, Avila, an old city surrounded by the most perfect fortification I have ever seen:

Next stop, Coca. Yes, of course we drank a Coca Cola in front of Coca’s castle… For me, it looked as if someone had asked a 5 years old to draw a castle and then decided to build it. It is turned into a school if I understood well, so when you enter it it’s all brand new! Coca is a beautiful tiny little village, we had a picnic in front of the castle with our new cat friend.

Last stop of the day was Peinifiel, a castle on top of a hill. Brilliant view on the nothingness that is Castilla y Leon.