You have bewitched me, body and soul



I am going away tomorrow for a long week end at the beach, therefore I’ll finish early the week as usual with a bit of Australia.


I still remember how I seen Fremantle for the first time, how I felt and what I thought. It was such a sunny day, 25°C in the middle of winter, everybody was out and about, taking coffees on the side walk or walking lazily enjoying the sun. Of course, I loved it at first sight… I thought I’d be so happy here and I had taken the good decision. It wasn’t even half a day before G decided to come by, we walked along the beach, we watched the most amazing sunset, staring at the water because ‘water so dark, it has to be water for sharks’. The truth is, the rain started to fall the next day, and Freo in the rain I learnt to hate it. The rainy days only ever meant his departure and that must be why from the start I was unable to bear them.

I had booked a hostel, completly randomly, and even when I try really hard to remember why I picked this one I absolutly can’t come up with any answers. Pirate’s backpackers, wow what an adventure! I was hired as a cleaner on the first day I arrived, which is why I deciced I had to stick to it. The first few days were hard. Pirates, it is dirty, and it is NOISY. I had decided for a girl’s room, and this one was right on the balcony, on top of the courtyard… I became so sleep deprived, I switched room in the first week, and ended up sharing a room with 5 guys, and this for three full months. How much I loved this place I can’t describe but I cried my heart out when I left. If I close my eyes, I can still see it, I wake up in the morning, top bunk, it is a bright sunny day, I go on the balcony to have a read, or I go to have breakfast and everybody is still asleep. The rats and the cockcroach it is all gone and all that is left are the memories of the crazy parties, the quiet night watching movies, the chicken pasta, the mad travelling people and the hilarious Irish men.

I had a couple different jobs when I was in Freo. I did some gardening for a lovely old man in South Fremantle. I also did some cleaning jobs for an old witch, and of course, cleaning at the hostel. Never in the world would I have imagined myself doing all that, to be entirely honest I had never cleaned anything in my life before that day!! It is quite a common thing for backpackers, take a cleaning job in a hostel for free accomodation. The thing was, at Pirates, they were paying you at the hour, which allowed me to have enough money to survive entirely on that salary. And no kidding! The job was hell! Pirates is one of these hostels with no rules, alcohol can be drank anywhere in the building at any time of the day and night. Parties go on every night, and for everyone that enter the place with the intention of only staying one night, either flee from the first morning, or end up staying for an indefinite period of time. The things I’ve seen during these few months of work, I won’t dare to tell, but let me tell you, I learnt life!!

So what to do in Freo? Because let’s not forget it is a very small town… 30 minutes train from the Perth CBD, 4 dollars each way, you’d better keep busy at home!

Well, for such a small town, Freo has quite a number of breweries, the best being Monk, Sail and Anchor – in which we spent many hours sipping a fresh gin and tonic – and the iconic Little Creatures. I absolutly love this place, it is the craziest place I got to see in Oz. Simply huge, wether you want a meal, a pizza or just to sip a beer in the sun, they have it all. It is an absolute MUST DO of Freo! You can as well take a tour of the brewery, that ends which a free beer tasting. Do not forget to try the kangaroo dish.



You can of course, enjoy the beach. White sand and blue water, what more to say? Beware of the sharks they are not a joke. A great white shark had been spotted one morning last winter, it was a very hot and sunny day I remember, on the shores of Fremantle.





Have a walk or a run, everything is so beautiful:

And for course, have a romantic sunset watch, for I believe they are the most gorgeous I have gotten to see…




That is all for today, I hope you enjoyed the little tour. There is so much I would like to say about Fremantle, but I believe this post is already big enough.

Have a great week end everyone!



Dream on

Hello Friday!

Finishing May on a beach vibe what do you think? One of my favorite places in Australia was Byron Bay. In New South Wales, a few hours under Brisbane, it remained on top of my list of favorite places in Oz till I met Western Australia.

Byron Bay is a very trendy place, it attracts all the surfers and hippies of this planet, and the combination of the two, adding the beauty of the place gives you a paradise of peace and love. We drove down there from Brisbane with my brother, we spent the afternoon lying on the beach and swimming in the most perfect temperature-wise water (the waves were probably bigger than me). I’m not even exagerating when I will say our hearts broke when we left…

I was so exited to have the opportunity to see Byron Bay as I was an ardent follower of Home & Away. What do you mean you’ve never heard of it?? Probably the most famous Australian TV soap, it is set in Byron Bay. I love it, everything about it is so Aussie, the accents, the landscape, the surfer gangs, always at the beach, the girls are gorgeous and the guys are covered in tatts. All of that topped up why the maximum drama imaginable, what more do you want? I’ve watched it as much as I could even more after I went to Byron Bay, and shame on me, but I wouldn’t mind having the chance to see it again!

Anyway, Byron is all about surfing, but you can also go for great walks, up to the lighthouse for example. There are a few different beaches you can choose from. At least, give it a week, if not more!

Well, that’s all for today, but I hope you enjoy this pics, full of sunshine and sand!