Travel theme: Beaches

Thank you Where is my backpack? for this beautiful theme this week… Just what I needed!

I love beaches obviously, and I have a million photos from my trip Down Under, but I tried to narrow it down to the very best… My favorite beach in the whole world is the one from Fremantle, it is perfection itself: white thin sand with blue lagoon water. If I close my eyes and concentrate really hard, I can still feel how it was to walk on it, the freshness and pureness on my skin …

Freo <3

Freo ❤

No more for today, I hope these few pics will make you travel… We are having some sun in Salamanca for a couple of days, finally!!

I hope everyone is having a great week end as well, any great plans to share?



Sweet nothing

Hello there!

Happy days

Happy days in Queenstown

I don’t know how you ended up here, but I hope whatever it is you’re looking for, you’ll find it.

I guess I want to make this first post about why I have decided to create this space, add to the million blogs already out there… I have been thinking about creating my own space, nothing too new, just something that would be me, somewhere to express all that goes on in here and that always rush to get out but never find a way. I wasn’t too sure why I wanted to do that or even what to put in it. I am still unsure but what I know is that I need an exiting project to focus on right now, something that would fill up the blanks that all of a sudden have seem to become my entire life. Something that could stimulate me and that I could pursue in the long term.

I always thought of myself as a strange person with no passions or creativity at all… The truth is, I like to be harsh with myself, we French people tend to do that, just for fun. I have one major passion in life, and I’ve had it for as far as I can remember: travelling. And I feel it very bad right now, as I am bound to one place for a wee while with no chance of escape – so it seems. If I could, definitly I would make this place a travel blog, just to share my experiences and photos, and maybe one day, that’s what it will become…

As for creativity, sometimes it overflows in so many ways, sometimes its near dead. I guess my main thing is writing. I want with this blog to train myself to write knowing that maybe, someone reads me. I always kept a journal and it seems that it is what I’m the best at, and therefore that’s how this blog will take shape… I always have stories in my head, and I wish – just as so many people do – that someday I could write a book, like a proper story of my own, with a hard cover and my name on it and that I could give to at least one person what so many books have brought me. But being read is a scary thing, my best friend E. is the only one that has ever read anything I write, and its only my journal, but I always get scared of what she’ll think, and I loose why i’m doing it, and it starts to feel pointless.

With this, I hope to overcome this obstacle, find a way to enjoy myself. That is all for today, I wish you all enjoy this place and feel free to comment in any way you want!