I always felt fascinated by lighthouses.I love the architectures, I love their loneliness, I love that they save lives.

I realized what they really meant only when I started going sailing. That every lighthouse had a meaning, according to its shape, to its color, and to how they are drawn on the map. You need to be in the middle of the ocean in the heart of the night to realize how dark it really is. The stars above you, you are only surrounded by a complete darkness from which you wouldn’t even see your own feet. The lighthouse will become your best friend.

I remember I read a book a few years ago, amazing book where the center of the story is the lighthouse. And a man, who was its guardian for his entire life. Because before, people used to stay in them, to turn it on everynight. Do you imagine being stuck there, for days on, just you and the sea? What struck me the most in this book, was that the seagulls would come to crash on the windows of the lighthouse, attracted by the light, and this man turned to madness watching seagulls kill themselves one by one, in order to save our human lives…

This particular lighthouse is no longer of use anymore. The marina got bigger, they added new lighthouses, and they only light that one ‘for the show’. The fisherman at the bottom guards it, everyday, looking out to the mermaid in the horizon.








I love them summer days


How was your week end? As far as I am concerned, very hot couple of days, just like I love them!

I have been baking all week, it’s always such a fight to prepare stuff around here, trying to preserve a bit of dough from my voracious brother or to hide all the necessary ingredients from my greedy Dad…

Here is a bit of what was my week like, tipical summertime week in the neighborhood!

  • Some wine:


  • Some quality time in the garden:



  • Some baking:
Fresh cherries from the garden

Fresh cherries from the garden

To make a delicious cherry pie

To make a delicious cherry pie

Lime panna cotta with a coat of red berries

Lime panna cotta with a coat of red berries

  • Some more wine:


  • My babies:


Some have it hard

Some have it hard

  • Not to forget, the fresh fruits:








Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

Hey there!

Time to introduce you to that little thing that have been my companion for the past three years: Ponpon


Being a student with no settled situation, I never thought about getting a pet. Then my friend E. decided she wanted a goldfish for her birthday, so of course I got her a gold fish for her birthday… Took her to the pet store, facing the millions little gold fish she was taking forever to pick one, so I said ‘I’m just going to go over to the rabbits to have a look’. How could I resist that tiny little face huh??

In the end, I told E. she had to choose that little gold fish, because of its particular yellow color… Do I need to say that little  fish was actually yellow because it was sick? Poor Dudule, we buried him not even two weeks later… Ponpon on the other hand, is still alive and well, running and jumping around with its ears flying around his face! He is a very cheeky, stubborn kinda rabbit who looooooves to do things that annoy me!

Funny how you get attached to those little things no?

Here is Ponpon, as of today:


Isn’t he gorgeous?

Thanks to the Daily Post for allowing me to post a wonderfully cheesy post about my favorite companion… Without whom I certainly would have never come home… Anyway, have a good day!



After the storm


Finally back home, on a definite basis for the first time in about two years… Feels very odd, but Vouvray decided to welcome me in a very special way…

We arrived late afternoon on Sunday, a very hot day, the very first one of the season. By the time we went to sleep, the sky was already bursting into lightning, one of these silent and dry storm. Somehow I found myself awake at 4 in the morning and decided to watch the storm. It was all so still, very hot. Then the wind started to blow and I knew it was coming. It started raining, and I could hear heavy hail falling every once in a while. The bedrooms are all upstairs, meaning under the roof, and within five minutes I was petrified on my bed, in the middle of the room wondering how long the roof would hold. The noise was horrifying, I had never heard anything that violent before and I have to admit I ran downstairs like a scared little girl to hide myself under a table or something… Everyone was already downstairs, my dad frantic about his car…

After what? 15 minutes, the hail stopped, the ground had piles and I mean PILES of hail, some of the drops being as big as golf balls. The window of my car was absolutly smashed into a million pieces, my dad’s brand new car covered in bumps, two windows of the house were smashed and the roof of our building accross the street had a million holes. All the neighbours were out on the street at 5 in the morning, trying to see what could be saved.

That’s when you realized how powerless you are when nature has decided otherwise. For us, being from a winemaker family and a wine region, hail it is our nightmare. It means the end of your season, the destruction of your vines. This kind of hail hasn’t been seen before around here, and we did not even get the slightest warning when half of France was on red warning for storms. When the light came out, we realized the vines were absolutly destroyed. It is heartbreaking to look at it, the branches are cut open, like open wounds, no grapes are left and by the look of the damages if we can get grapes out of them in three years it will be a miracle. And I’m not even talking about the poor little rabbits, painfully carrying their broken legs.

The weather was very hot yesterday, yet, the ice would not melt. 30° and the piles of ice are still there. Of course, today was raining and it was a race to cover the house so the inside stay dry.

I guess we have to be grateful that no one was physically hurt. But when your neighbours have lost everything, it is hard to see the bright side.

Better days will come…



The end is near!!

Hello everyone!

Omg, this might be my last week end of studying! I am, EVER! Wow, I just can’t imagine a life without anything hanging over my head anymore…

However, I still have one more final to go on Tuesday, no words can tell how exited I am for it to be over. Salamanca is just so quiet, toooooo quiet these days!! Two weeks ago, the streets suddenly emptied and the libraries filled up, the sound of the silence at night prevent me from sleeping, and Salamanca isn’t just quite the same without all the crazy students partying. I bet next week will be MAD!

So, here’s a little pick at what are exams week like in Salamanca:

  • A lot of tea and coffee:


  • Some chilling in the sun:


  • A LOT of procrastination studying:


  • Some … distraction:


  • A few sweets:


Good luck to all of you enduuuuuuring…



Quote of the week


“Matilde, where are you? Down here I noticed,
under my necktie and just above my heart,
a certain pang of grief between the ribs,
you were gone that quickly.

I needed the light of your energy,
I looked around, devouring hope.
I watched the void without you that is like a house,
nothing left but tragic windows.

Out of sheer taciturnity the ceiling listens
to the fall of the ancient leafless rain,
to feathers, to whatever the night imprisioned;
so I wait for you like a lonely house
till you will see me again and live in me.
Till then my windows ache.”

Pablo Neruda

Emma. One year that you have left NZ, one year that you have left me in NZ. How many more till we see each other again?



Book review

20130605_170941The hunchback of Notre Dame, Victor Hugo

If you’ve been raised like I was with the rythm of Disney movies, you will sure know the power it will keep holding over your imagination till your death…

I loved the Hunchback of Notre Dame -the Disney cartoon that is – first because it is set in the old Paris, and second for it is a powerful dramatic love story, and already that young it would break through to my heart… Then, as a teenager, I fell in love with the musichal, I mean we all were back then, Notre Dame de Paris was simply huge in France! We’d know all the words of every song, and still now, not having been able to see them perform live remain on my life regret list…

Long story short, I thought I knew all about it and did not need to read the book, but Victor Hugo being among my favorite French authors I finally decided to give it a try and… what a bloody disapointment! And I blame Disney entirely for that, because that book is brilliant, of course it is, but I coudn’t help trying to find the lovely wee characters from the cartoon, or some drama, but NOTHING! Well, there is an awful load of drama thrown all at once at the very end, and of course that is my favorite part, but rest of the time, well… I can’t really see any love story in this! Everybody is so mean, so low…

However, what I loved are the little (sometimes very long) apartés, where Victor Hugo will go on explaining society then, or for example, how Paris was born and how it grew to where it is now. His words, are Paris itself, and reading through the lines I could see the city materializes next to me. Yes, not matter what, I am French and behold the pride of my culture to the core of my bones…

I would without an hesitation advice anyone to read it, if only for Victor Hugo sense of humor. But beware of Claude Frollo, the evil priest! Man, I believe I have never hated a character that much in my life! Everything about him is repelling, from his appearance to his soul, he is despising, mean and corrupted. Simply disgusting! My favorite character is Quasimodo, hated by everyone for being born the way he is, everything inside of him is LOVE. Love for his church, love for his master, love for Esmeralda. Love unbound and fully true.

What did you guys think? Anyone read it?

Here is a picture of Notre Dame that I took last time we went to Paris, just to set the scene…

paris 6



Spring in Salamanca!


How is it going?

IMG_20130525_211409We are having a wonderful weather in Salamanca these days, couldn’t wish for anything better! My main complaint about this city is always that there are no green spaces at all… No parks, nowhere really to take a lovely walk or relax on a sunny afternoon. Well, I am so wrong… I am French… I can’t help it, I have to complain all the time…

If you head down to the river banks, el rio Tormes, you will find a lovely walking trail, and last week end it was packed of people playing ball, children running all over the place, groups of friends drinking beers, it had a serious feel of Spanish summer!

They plan for the rain to come back on Friday, so I am going to enjoy the last rays of sunshine and leave you with pictures of blue sky…