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Hello sweet sunday!

I haven’t done a recipe post for such a long time… Not that I haven’t been baking, in fact, seeing the extra pounds I seem to have put up this past month, I have to admit I might have gone over the top…

I luckily noticed the other day passing through the alleys of my local supermarket some Lait Ribot (Laez Ribod as the bretons call it), I name: buttermilk! I first started to notice buttermilk in recipes when I first came back from travelling last january, while I was looking for a scone recipe. I checked it online and found a lot of French people wondering the same thing: what the hell is it?? It looks really popular in UK and US baking, but not much around here! The answer was Lait Ribot, a fermented milk very tradional in Bretagne. Outside of Bretagne, it could be found only on very special food store but I guess now, we too can have our fresh delicious scone!


I decided to try Joy of Baking’s recipe for Cinnamon Roll Scones, recipe that I’ve been drooling over for a long time! When I lived in the US I never really liked Cinnamon Rolls, but somehow I have started liking cinnamon in the past few years. These little babies were so delicious let me tell you! Great texture and amazing taste! They looked pretty bad, as I was adding the buttermilk I quickly felt I had poured too much, but I did not want to add too much flour.

I only added the minimum she advises but even that was a bit too much. Everything else was perfect, thanks for sharing that recipe!




Recipe of the week



After two weeks of running around discovering new places, I am finally back home to my old routine. When I say finally I only mean unfortunately, because I would spend my life running around the world if someone would leave me the chance to do it. I still have to process all that I’ve learnt before I share it here, so for now, I want to talk about the yummiest cake on the planet, I name the Chocolate Chips Cookie Dough Cheesecake.

I made it for my brother’s 20st birthday a few weeks ago. His last birthday at home, our last celebration with him before his big departure, I wanted it huge, I wanted it heavy, I wanted it to be everything he likes all at once. I made him 10 years ago a white chocolate cheesecake, cake that he still talks about 10 years later. Unfortunately, I never put down the recipe I used, I remember it was back when Philadelphia cheese and Oreo cookies could not be found in France so I used different ingredients that I cannot remember… My brother also loves cookie dough batter, always stealing some when I’m trying to prepare a batch, so I thought, why not combine the two? I checked google for a recipe, and of course google found one for me (from Mel’s kitchen cafe).

I wanted my cheesecake to be perfectly flat, so I could draw 20 on it with cocoa powder. I read in some cheesecake recipes that you need to wrap the pan into foil paper, put it in another pan with water (sort of a bain marie I guess) and cook it that way. I have also seen videos on You Tube where they just put the pan in the oven and it turns out beautiful. Having seen it with my own eyes and being totally lazy I decided to try it that way, and of course I ended up with a giant T crack in the middle. So I made a chocolate ganache (very basic, I melted dark chocolate with cream) and poured it on top. Some white chocolate stracciatela and here we go!

One big fat heavy delicious cake on the table!

I have another birthday coming, my dad’s 60st in two weeks, he is hosting a party with lots of people which means I have the perfect opportunity to make a HUUUUUUGE cake! Any suggestions? He likes white chocolate, whisky and condensed milk…



Recipe of the week



I have spent every minute of free time this week in the kitchen, but it was well worth it. If I could one day make it my day job, I don’t think I could get any happier!

But for now, baking is just a hobby which makes me and my family happy (and fat). I want to share today a very easy recipe, another one from my Exquis Petits Gâteaux postcard cookbook. They are called ‘diamants au cacao’, it means cocoa diamonds, they basically are dried cocoa flavored biscuits.

The best part? It will take you about 8 minutes to wipe it up, and you won’t even need any kitchen appliances! I just used my little fingers and voila! However, they do require that you leave them to rest before you bake them, but that’s the only down side. We had some family over for dinner and Mom had asked me to prepare something to go with ice cream so that was the perfect biscuit!


  • 125G sugar
  • 125G butter
  • 250G plain flour
  • 1 egg
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 1 tablespoon cocoa powder (it tends to have some lumps, so try and strain it before)
  • 1 pinch of vanilla powder
  • 1 pinch of cinnamon

Preheat your oven at 180°C.

Mix together the sugar, the flour, the salt, the cocoa powder, the vanilla and cinnamon and finally the egg. Then, add the butter, softened and mix it all in with your fingers till you get a big ball. Roll the dough in the shape of a sausage (sorry, not sure how to translate that, but you see what I mean right?) and put it in the fridge for one hour.

Cut it into slices, and roll each slice into powdered sugar and cook for about 15 minutes.

It’s very hard to tell when they are ready given the dark color they already have, but beware not to overbake them as they will get very hard.




Recipe of the week

Hello Sunday!

Another week finished… Why does it feel like I spend my time saying that? Time flies when you do nothing I guess…


Today’s recipe is a French delicacy that I have been meaning to make for a long time, but I was always afraid it would be too difficult… I name: Madeleines.

So Wikipedia says Madeleines comes from two regions of Northeast France, but for me, they are just the tipical afternoon snack that my Mom would give us, while we would spend the afternoon at the beach. Their specialty is first, that they are delicious, and second, the little bump. Which is what scared me the most… Because in what world would anyone eat a madeleine if there is no bump?? So, I read a lot of recipes on the internet, some said you had to freeze the dough before cooking it to have the bump, some others said you had to change the oven temperature during the cooking.

And finally, when I saw the recipe in my new ‘Exquis petits gâteaux’ postcard/recipe booklet, I had to give it a try. No freezing or anything of the sort, you pop them in the oven for 10 mins and BAM, a little bump!

These ones are honey flavoured, you can flavor them with anything you’d like, chocolate chips, orange blossoms, anything you fancy really!

Here is the recipe that I followed:

  • 2 eggs
  • 140g butter
  • 100g sugar
  • 2 tablespoons of honey (this will really flavor your madeleines, so be sure to take some good quality honey)
  • 100g all purpose flour
  • a pinch of salt

Preheat your oven at 200°C. Whisk the egg whites in stiff peaks and keep the yoks on the side.

In another bowl, beat together the butter, sugar and the honey. Then add the flour, egg yoks and salt. Mix it carefully to the eggs, making sure not to deflate your whites. The batter is very heavy compared to the whites, which is quite surprising at first, therefore I added it a little bit at a time to the whites to make sure to keep all the air in.

Pour the batter in the pans and cook them for 10 mins. The madeleines must be golden and swollen. Wait for them to cool down before you remove them from the pans.



Recipe of the week



How was the week end? Finally, the sun has made a come back, so as my dear C. Of course I prepared her a chocolate cake, for she won’t eat anything else, but as it was a bit of a failure I’d rather not get into it… However, earlier in the week, I prepared some treats for my parents… I need to say here that they loooooove rhum, which is why it tends to appear every so often in the recipes of the week (see here).

I came accross this Rhum and Raisins mini cakes on the latest cook book I bought. And yet another cook book I hear you tell me, but this one, is pretty special… It is not really a cook book, it is more like postcards linked together, with the recipe at the back. The pictures are simply beautiful and they are easy recipe of everything tipical French.

This cake – I made it as mini cakes – is very easy to make, and very light! No butter, no oil and just a bit of sugar. It is quite heavy on rhum, I noticed it as soon as I poured the amount on the recipe, but knowing my parents, I did not hesitate a minute. Just be aware that it is a lot, meaning you can absolutly taste the alcohol I should say you can even smell it!

  • Rhum raisins cakes:

100g Smyrne raisins (did you even know about the amount of different raisins you could find in the grocery store??)

10cl rhum

1 yogurt

10cl sour cream

125g sugar (the recipe calls for 150g, but from experience, I always downgrade it a bit, and 125g were largely enough)

3 eggs

180g plain flour

50g almond powder

1 teaspoon of baking powder

First, preheat your oven at 180°C. For your pan, butter it, and add some sugar to the bottom, it will taste lovely when you take them out! Put them in the fridge (does anyone know if it is a crucial step, does it have any consequences or could I skip this step?).

Then, put the raisins and rhum together in a pan and take to a boil. Turn it off and set aside to cool down. In a different bowl, whisk together the yogurt and cream, then add the sugar, the eggs and the rhum that you have drained from the raisins.

Finally, add the flour, almond powder and baking powder. Cover the raisins with flour then incorporate to the batter.

If you are making one big cake, cook it for 40 minutes, for the small cakes it only took me 20 minutes.

I filled the pans all the way to the top because I got too lazy to get more pans out, in ended up overflowing so try not to fill the pans too much because it rises quite a lot.









Recipe of the week


How was everyone week end? Mine was full of wedding celebrations, sun and Champagne!


Finally, a recipe again… Not that I haven’t baked anything, in fact, with the amount of sweets I have prepared and eaten this past month I was very VERY surprised to see that not only I still fitted in my dress, but that it was now a little too big! Anyway, nothing that was interesting enough to share, however this week, we celebrated my Mom and Dad 30st wedding anniversary. If they don’t give a shit about it, I do, or maybe I was just looking for an excuse to prepare a big cake, something that would look amazing, with lots of cream, see what I mean?

It happens that my mom loooooves Mojito, so I thought, why not make her a Mojito cake? I googled it, found a recipe, tried it, made something beautiful, and I think they were very touched I actually took the trouble to prepare something for them!

I used this recipe, exactly as it was for I am very unused to make such big cakes. I just divided the proportions in half because we were only four at the dinner table that night, and except for the frosting it was largely enough for the four of us (I had to make a bit more than what’s in the recipe to cover the whole cake). I am definitly not a big fan of buttercream frosting, I thought a lime buttercream would suit me but unfortunately it didn’t… But everyone around loved it, by the look of it!! The genoise takes a bit of work to make as you have to whisk the eggs by hand for a good 15 minutes but it gives a very airy cake that compensates the sweetness of the frosting. Last thing, I did not prepare the pecan thing to coat the cake, I put plain pistaccios.

What do you think of that?




Recipe of the week

Happy 14th of July!

20130711_192332Here in France, we are celebrating our National Day, remembering the 14th of July 1789 when the French Revolution took place. Very unusual national day this year, as it is bright sunshine, a true summer day! But thank you to our dear president and his messed up tie to remind us that some things will never change…

There isn’t a proper dish for this day I have to admit, I am unsure the tradition of the 14th actually includes a meal… For me, the 14th was always Dad and my two brothers, on vacation in Quiberon, freezing our ass in the pouring rain, waiting fearly wondering if this year, they’d be able to throw the fireworks, in such disgusting conditions…

I had prepared some chocolate crinkle cookies to accompany our coffees. I stumbled accross the recipe on The Novice Chef Blog, gave it  try a few days ago and my brother was so exited about them I decided to prepare another batch for today’s lunch with the family. They are easy to make, good looking and tasty cookies. I cut down the sugar by half but apart from that, I used the exact recipe from the blog. I got 22 pieces, about one tablespoon of dough each if you want to have an idea.

Have a look at this blog, there are quite a few gems in there!



Recipe of the Week

Sweet Sunday again!

When I was probably around 12, my big brother went with Dad to the Foire de Paris, a huge fair that lasts for a month with everything from food to campervans or new technologies. Dad would have a little counter every year, and we’d get big ‘apologies for not being here’ packages in the mail full of toys and funny little things. So of course when my brother had the chance to go for the first time and I wasn’t allowed, I nearly died of jealousy.

_IGP9635He brought me back a cook book called ‘Jackie cook book’. My first cook book ever.  I loved the funny little cartoons on every pages. I first tried the chocolate brownies, and it became my little brother’s all time favorite cake. I have never ever used any other brownie recipe than that one, and I believe I never tried any other recipe from Jackie’s cookbook. I don’t think I would have gotten the taste of baking if it wasn’t for that book. Big cheers to my big brother for once again believing in me 🙂

As soon as I came home after two years of travelling the world, I baked my little brother some of these brownies, but this time I decided to make them into tiny little cakes, so we could nibble on it. 45 mini brownies disappeared within 24 hours! I cut down the sugar a wee bit this time, and put one less egg because I didn’t have enough, and I believe I prefer it that way.


200g dark chocolate

150g sugar

125g butter

3 eggs

50g flour


  • Pre heat the oven at 180°C
  • Melt the butter on a pan on top of simmering water, with the chocolate. Once it’s melted, take it off from the water.
  • Once cooled down, add the sugar, gradually.
  • Add the eggs, one by one, beating well until each egg is incorporated.
  • Add the flour and the nuts
  • Cook for about 30 minutes (I baked them for 10-12 minutes as mini ones)






Recipe of the week


labelbox_20130623_123847So very exited to have a proper kitchen I’ve been baking all week. However, it seems everyone around me is on a “diet”, and that includes my 90 years old grandma! I think we French people have a very wrong relationship with our body weight…

Anyway, I think oatmeal cookies enter into the category of ‘healthy baking’ no? At least I thought so, but they still contain butter and sugar, the only good thing about them is probably the oat… But they are DELICIOUS! I got the recipe from Smitten Kitchen cooking blog (link here), I cut the ingredients in half (and still got about 15 cookies) and replaced the raisins by chocolate (hem… probably nothing healthy left in these ones…).

And if everyone was on a diet, they were gone within two days!

Cheers everyone, I hope you had a great week end!







Recipe of the week


labelbox_20130604_144928That sweet time of the week again… I am very exited to the idea of finally be reunited with a proper kitchen, with actual kitchen appliances and a good oven. No because I love to bake, but creaming butter with my own hands is a wee bit tiring for my lazy fingers!

I have been craving cinnamon lately and obviously, Snickerdoodle cookies had to come on the menu eventually.

I found the recipe on Joy of baking’s blog, there is a video to go with it (link to recipe here), I divided the proportions in 2 because it seemed simply huge, and I still ended up with about 20 cookies. I put the batter in the fridge for about 2 hours, and they spread an awful lot during the cooking, so be sure to leave a good space in between them.

My roomie told me, and he is a sweet tooth, that these were the best cookies he’s had in his life. Meaning, they have a huge taste of sugar, so be prepared!