A day in Biarritz



I had the chance when I drove my brother down to Bidart to spend some time in Biarritz, a very well known, very pleasant town in the Pays Basque. It is a surfing place, it displays a lot of fancy shops, has a fantastic Casino with the view on La Grande Plage, and a gorgeous landscape.

By the time we found a spot to park we had lost enough time to have to run down to the center, have a look around, go back to the car and find another parking spot to be on time for the Sunday rugby game. Biarritz was defeated by Toulon, it came as no surprise, but still, we had a lovely time.

As we drove back to Bidart, we had the most amazing sunset I’ve seen in France, I took the time to park the car and enjoy the view for a few minutes, thing that I never used to do before. Funny how it took me to travel to the other side of the world and back to realize what was right in front of me. Marcel Proust once said ‘discovery consists not in seeking new lands but in seeing with new eyes’ and I could not agree more. Finally, I can see what is around me and find some comfort in it when the times of longing get to me.













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