Recipe of the week

Hello sweet sunday!

I haven’t done a recipe post for such a long time… Not that I haven’t been baking, in fact, seeing the extra pounds I seem to have put up this past month, I have to admit I might have gone over the top…

I luckily noticed the other day passing through the alleys of my local supermarket some Lait Ribot (Laez Ribod as the bretons call it), I name: buttermilk! I first started to notice buttermilk in recipes when I first came back from travelling last january, while I was looking for a scone recipe. I checked it online and found a lot of French people wondering the same thing: what the hell is it?? It looks really popular in UK and US baking, but not much around here! The answer was Lait Ribot, a fermented milk very tradional in Bretagne. Outside of Bretagne, it could be found only on very special food store but I guess now, we too can have our fresh delicious scone!


I decided to try Joy of Baking’s recipe for Cinnamon Roll Scones, recipe that I’ve been drooling over for a long time! When I lived in the US I never really liked Cinnamon Rolls, but somehow I have started liking cinnamon in the past few years. These little babies were so delicious let me tell you! Great texture and amazing taste! They looked pretty bad, as I was adding the buttermilk I quickly felt I had poured too much, but I did not want to add too much flour.

I only added the minimum she advises but even that was a bit too much. Everything else was perfect, thanks for sharing that recipe!





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