A day in Vienna


During my week in Slovakia, I also had the opportunity to have a look at Vienna. I had heard a lot about it, and my friend whom I visited in Pezinok is actually studying there so it was the perfect opportunity for me. We took the train from Pezinok and it took us maybe an hour to get to the center of Wien.

I think Vienna is the most beautiful European capital city I’ve senn. I am in love with London, but Vienna has this royal feel, like you have been taken hundred of years back when everybody was riding carriages to go the next ball. The buildings are simply gorgeous, there is so much gold going on, you don’t know where to look. The library as well was massive but what a shame we could not visit it!.

Yes because we randomly picked a Monday to visit Vienna, and that’s the day of the week when all the national museums and buildings are closed to visits… But so many museums to see, you must book at least a few days to see it all!

We started the day with a piece of Sacher Torte at the hotel Sacher, a must do of the city! We also had lunch in a very famous restaurant for tourists (yes sounds lame, but I am terrible with German so I really can’t remember the name), because they serve gigantic Schnitzels (the most famous Austrian dish). So you have a bit of wait, but it is not at all an excessive price for a shnitzel so big you have to share it.

Last stop of the day, Schonbrunn. A beautiful typical Austrian castle, big gardens, great view, I was half expecting Sissy to come out any minute (I don’t think Sissy ever lived in Schonbrunn but I might be wrong).

To finish, just a few pictures of our day, earlier in September.







Sacher Torte

The Cathedral

The Cathedral


Sissy's palace

Sissy’s palace














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