Warm me like sunlight and soothe me like rain



Just realized the meaning of TGIF… I am so happy that I finally have the opportunity to talk to you about Picton! Yes, because I have chosen to do a weekly post about NZ, starting from the top travelling all the way to the south – if you haven’t noticed – but really, what I wanted was to start with my beloved Picton.

E. and I loved it at first sight, the village feel, the people and of course, the beauty like we’d never seen before thrown to our face on the sunniest day of the trip so far.

What made our stay even better, and I will start with it, because really, if just for three nights, it became our true home, the best stay we had in NZ by far: Tombstone Backpackers. Lonely Planet recommend it because being accross the street from the village graveyard, they chose to play along and made the whole place on a ‘grave’ theme. But it is far more than that! Gordon and Lynne will become your grandpas, will take care of you, drive you around and Lynne will bake you some fresh cheese scone every morning, for free! The house is lovely, the dorms are cosy (hotel quality), there is a hot tub with a view on the harbour, a giant flat screen TV with the cosiest couches ever imagined. They have a lounge room with books, some colorful parrots and last time I went, they also added some free wifi!! Make sure to book ahead because they get busy all year round.




I also want to mention the Picton Village Bakkery: have a muffin, or a pizza, or a cookie, or anything you’d like it’s delish!

When I went there in May, it was so sunny, we first went on a stroll from the village, towards Bob’s Bay. It was an easy walk among the bushes, till you reach a little beach. You have to climb up then, but the view is definitly going to make you forget your burning thighs.















As it was very sunny, we booked a cruise, which was expensive but it was a fairly long one so we did not regret it! We were hoping we’d see dolphins as they come very often in the Sounds but we did not… The cruise we took was with BeachCombers, who also take care of the mails of the few people living the Sounds. Just a few houses scattered here and there, that can only be reached with boats. People come down to their piers when they see the boat arriving, usually they have their dogs with them so the driver makes sure to have enough treats for each of them. As soon as they hear the boat you can see the dogs running to the pier and get over exited for what they know will come.







When my mom came over, in December we weren’t as lucky and the weather was really bad. Grey and rainy, yet we decided to go on a hike in the Queen Charlotte Sounds. We took a water taxi to Ship Cove, same water taxi that came to pick us up from the next point. I can’t remember exactly how long was the hike, it was more than 10K but it is fairly easy because we really aren’t hikers.




So what did you think of Picton? I know it was a lot of pictures… I tried my hardest to get it down to the smallest amount of it but it was just impossible to pick for so many of them bring back so many good memories. It hurts a tiny bit now, to look at these pictures. To think that one day not so long ago I was there, I was seeing Picton for the first time and still had the belief that soon I would be able to stay a few months in that place. Now I know it was just a hopeless dream but some mornings, as I’m driving to work with the grey sky and the rain, I like to remember Picton, the sunny sky and the pure air.









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