Slovakia Day 3



How was everyone’s week end? The rain has come back for us unfortunately but I’m sure some of you can still enjoy the warmth of sunshine.

There is one more place in Slovakia that I want to share here, Banska Stiavnica, a mining town in the mountains, a good two hours drive from Pezinok. It was a very sunny day, very warm, perfect for a day hike, but we were too lazy to do so… There are quite a few hiking paths that you can take though. We only went to the little chapel on top of the hill, had a stroll in the village, enjoyed a lovely meal in the sun, went all the way up to the castle and later drove to one of the lakes a little further.

We rented one of this little ‘cycling boat’, very… handmade if there is such a thing! We had fun, until we noticed that little thing on the water, decided to chase it till we realized it was a snake. Snake that went out of sight thill it reapared right under us… One last ice cream before we go and that’s one successful day!

I am starting my new job tomorrow, finally embracing the normal life of a full time office worker. I am trying to be strong, but wish me luck will you?

















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