Someday it’s gonna make sense


I must make a confession before I start raving about NZ again… My WHV in NZ ended yesterday and I don’t know how to pull myself together anymore when the thought comes to my mind. Taking the decision to come home, to let go of my dream to please my family, wasting 8 months of a precious NZ visa to be here, in dirty old Europe, I must have been mad. There I said it. Nothing else will be said on the matter.

Today, we are talking about Taupo. I went to Taupo for the first time in autumn, then again at the beginning of summer. So, what’s to see in Taupo? Well, the ‘craters of the moon‘, a site of naturel hot sources and the Huka Falls. Steam is rising from the ground in a very wild and green environment. You are not on the moon, but you are definitly not on earth either! We took a shuttle to go to the crater, took the walk which takes approximately 45 minutes, then walk all the way down to the city… Which is a looooong way!! When we did it with Mom, we dreamt of a cold cider for about 2 hours as we were walking trying to reach the city center. Oh that cold bottle of cider we would enjoy on the balcony… I ran to the store first thing when I reach the hostel room, no matter the pain in my feet and the need for a cold shower. And then, the big drama:

‘Sorry Miss, no ID no alcohol’

‘But, this is my driving license… It says it, right here, I am TWENTY FOUR’

‘Sorry, these are the rules… No ID no alcohol’

‘This is not alcohol, this is cider’

‘Miss, get the fuck out’

And yes, we cried. BUT, we gathered all the strength left in us, we took our purses and headed to the center, found a lovely pub on the esplanade and had a yummy cold cider with the sunset on Tangariro. REWARDED.

The first time I stayed in Taupo, we chose the Urban Retreat hostel. I have a good memory of it, even though the dorms were crowded and very small with no plugs at all. There is sort of a pub inside where we watched the rugby, enjoying the Chili con Carne prepared by the hostel cook…

With my mother, we stayed at Blackcurrant Backpackers, in a two people private room. Please, PLEASE if you go to Taupo, you must stay there. It is a wonderful hostel, with a lovely little backyard. The room was simply huge, the kitchen is so clean and they also have a DVD room that looks more like a cinema. It is the best value for money I’ve had in the North Island. Do I need to add the owner is super nice and it is completly quiet?? Supermarket is 2 minutes away? Just go!

  • Autumn:












  • Early summer:






Have a good week end everyone!




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