Recipe of the week



After two weeks of running around discovering new places, I am finally back home to my old routine. When I say finally I only mean unfortunately, because I would spend my life running around the world if someone would leave me the chance to do it. I still have to process all that I’ve learnt before I share it here, so for now, I want to talk about the yummiest cake on the planet, I name the Chocolate Chips Cookie Dough Cheesecake.

I made it for my brother’s 20st birthday a few weeks ago. His last birthday at home, our last celebration with him before his big departure, I wanted it huge, I wanted it heavy, I wanted it to be everything he likes all at once. I made him 10 years ago a white chocolate cheesecake, cake that he still talks about 10 years later. Unfortunately, I never put down the recipe I used, I remember it was back when Philadelphia cheese and Oreo cookies could not be found in France so I used different ingredients that I cannot remember… My brother also loves cookie dough batter, always stealing some when I’m trying to prepare a batch, so I thought, why not combine the two? I checked google for a recipe, and of course google found one for me (from Mel’s kitchen cafe).

I wanted my cheesecake to be perfectly flat, so I could draw 20 on it with cocoa powder. I read in some cheesecake recipes that you need to wrap the pan into foil paper, put it in another pan with water (sort of a bain marie I guess) and cook it that way. I have also seen videos on You Tube where they just put the pan in the oven and it turns out beautiful. Having seen it with my own eyes and being totally lazy I decided to try it that way, and of course I ended up with a giant T crack in the middle. So I made a chocolate ganache (very basic, I melted dark chocolate with cream) and poured it on top. Some white chocolate stracciatela and here we go!

One big fat heavy delicious cake on the table!

I have another birthday coming, my dad’s 60st in two weeks, he is hosting a party with lots of people which means I have the perfect opportunity to make a HUUUUUUGE cake! Any suggestions? He likes white chocolate, whisky and condensed milk…




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