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Finally, I am back, and in full post-travelling depression… Nothing better than digging into old pictures of past travels to get back to my old self, and today I will be talking about Rotorua (NZ).

We took a bus from Auckland, had a first stop at the Waitomo Caves, also known as the Gloworm Caves, due to the glowing worms on the ceilings. It is a magnificent place, part of it you will walk through and the last part they take you in a little boat, and they use ropes on the ceiling to make the boat move… It is quite special, for there are no noise at that point, you are entirely in the dark, only the little worms on top of you can be seen, and it’s like you are watching the stars in the darkest nights…

We then drove to Rotorua where we had booked a room in Funky Green Backpackers for a couple of nights, an amazing eco-friendly backpackers, where you leave your shoes outside, and there are no locks on any doors. I remember the kitchen, they had eggs from their own chickens, available for everyone, with a little pot to put 50 cents for each egg you take… It sounds silly, but to me European woman, it was amazing. First that they would put eggs like that, unafraid to get them stolen, and second that everybody would actually PAY for it knowing no one is watching. This is New Zealand at its best, and probably what I miss the most.

  • Rotorua is a Maori town, very well known for its geysers. The town itself is very small, very pretty, however, due to the natural hot sources it smells like rotten eggs… We found an amazing/crazy little coffe shop, full of colors and inspirational phrases: the Fat Dog Cafe. I also want to mention one very famous attraction of the city: Zorb. Basically, they are big balloons, with water in it or not, you climb inside alone or with your friends, then they throw it with you inside from the top of a cliff. Great great fun!!



The Zorbing site


Fall colors

Fall colors

Tipical nz house

Tipical nz house

  • Te Puia, maori village and sites of the geysers and hot sources: we took a guided tour, with a lovely Maori lady to explain to us all that this place meant to them, Maori people. We were lucky enough that the geysers were very active that day but you have to know that sometimes, you won’t really see it. We also were given tickets to the Maori show, which was fun, I enjoyed it. We walked through the forest and we spent an entire day in there and did not have a spare moments. Oh, I forgot to mention, they have a KIWI HOUSE! My first and only alive kiwi…





Our lovely guide

Our lovely guide





The longest word in the world





Next week, it will have been one year that I have left Australia and landed in New Zealand. Next week, my Working Holiday Visa in NZ will come to an end, and I still can’t understand how I wasted 8 months of it in bloody Europe.

I will be away again this week end, I am uncertain how long, it will depend on the weather…  As I can’t seem to be able to find a job I figured I might take advantage of my free time and make the most of it…

See you soon!




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