I always felt fascinated by lighthouses.I love the architectures, I love their loneliness, I love that they save lives.

I realized what they really meant only when I started going sailing. That every lighthouse had a meaning, according to its shape, to its color, and to how they are drawn on the map. You need to be in the middle of the ocean in the heart of the night to realize how dark it really is. The stars above you, you are only surrounded by a complete darkness from which you wouldn’t even see your own feet. The lighthouse will become your best friend.

I remember I read a book a few years ago, amazing book where the center of the story is the lighthouse. And a man, who was its guardian for his entire life. Because before, people used to stay in them, to turn it on everynight. Do you imagine being stuck there, for days on, just you and the sea? What struck me the most in this book, was that the seagulls would come to crash on the windows of the lighthouse, attracted by the light, and this man turned to madness watching seagulls kill themselves one by one, in order to save our human lives…

This particular lighthouse is no longer of use anymore. The marina got bigger, they added new lighthouses, and they only light that one ‘for the show’. The fisherman at the bottom guards it, everyday, looking out to the mermaid in the horizon.








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