Time for goodbye…



This is not without sadness that I announce this new post as being the last one I will make on Australia. Indeed, Broome will be our last stop as I will have then shared everything I know about that cherished country with you… Funny how what seemed a lifetime of adventure, amazement and fun can be summed up in just a few posts… But the backpacking dream does not end here, if I shed what seemed then to be all the tears a tiny body like mine could bear that gloomy September 11th 2012, I have yet to talk about amazing New Zealand.

But for today, Broome. The main city of Western Australia behind Perth, it holds a village feel. It took us a good 18 hours bus ride from Coral Bay to reach the dreamt Cable Beach, crossing what seemed like an endless desert of red dirt and bushes, with the occasional brakes of the bus trying to avoid the kangaroos. Let me break it here, we did not kill any kangaroos and yes, I was proud…

That part of Western Australia belongs to the aborigenals, and definitly you will feel like a stranger. Lots of horrifying stories are running around about this part of the bush, and the aborigenals, and to be honest, as I first mentionned Broome to my Australian host family, they told me never to go without taking a tour, or a hotel, something very secured… To hell with it, we traveled all three of us on the bus and booked a hostel, and nothing bad happened to us. My postcard freshly bought got stolen, but you can’t ask for too much can you…?

I want to talk first of the hostel. We had booked the cheapest we could find, and shame on me, I cannot remember the name of it… Unfortunately, because I would advise anyone NEVER TO GO. And I have done some hardcore backpacker hostels and shared rooms with rats and kitchen with cockroaches, but that particular one was way beyond anything I could take. All I remember is that it has a pool, it is located walking distance from the airport (the airport is literaly in the middle of the city) and accross the street from the YHA. I have never seen such a dirty place in my life and that they charge you for it is beyond me. We considered the possibility of not taking a shower for the three days, I mean you would catch skin diseases just by looking at it. We definitly did not eat anything that could have gone through the kitchen the entire time we stayed there. You have to know that Broome is hot, boiling hot and humid, the air full of flies. People were leaving their food out, the trash did not have anything to be covered with, so the kitchen was a slice of heaven for the flies. On the first night, one guy got drunk and vomited from the top of the stairs all the way to the hallway and by the time we left the dirt was still there… The hostel was 90% French people, and that’s never a good thing. We did not pay attention to it because there is no point, but the girls sharing our room litteraly rubished us, just because we were yet another lot of girls…

But appart from that, I am so glad we decided to stick to Broome, because what an experience! The most amazing beach you can ever imagine: Cable Beach! The main attraction is the camel ride at sunset, which we did. It costs an arm, but the memories I hold from that night are priceless. As the sun was setting down, we noticed a whale far in the distance, just jumping in and out of the water, right under that immense burning ball that is the sun… That’s when you feel so small and how everything else just seems to stop to matter… The sunsets are particularly beautiful in Broome, the sun is huge and falls right into the ocean. If you are at the right time of the month, you can witness what they call ‘the staircase to the moon’ which is basically the reflection of the full moon on the sea that makes it look like a staircase, unfortunately, we left a couple of days before full moon.

We enjoyed the beach, did some shopping, we booked a morning of kayaking in the Mangrove and had drinks at a japanese brewery (??). Here are some pictures, it was so hard to pick, so there are quite a few…

I am going away tomorrow for a long week end, so I’ll be back soon!




Bus ride in the aborigenals’ land


Cable Beach

Cable Beach














This is mussel!











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