To the ones who still believe in dreams



Yet, another week that came and went… At that time last year, we were planning our big journey through the Australian bush land. Our first stop had been Monkey Mia. From there, we did everything the same to get back to the Overlander bus stop, and caught the Greyhound bus to Coral Bay. If I remember well, it is another 10 hours ride, but it might be more…

Coral Bay is a little ‘town’ very famous for being on the fantastic Ningaloo Reef. Snorkeling, beach, canoe, are some of the things you can do… We had booked a hostel, I can’t remember the name, but I’m pretty sure it was about the only one you’ll find. It was very clean, with amazing kitchen, an outside pool and a pub. Coral Bay is not even a village, it’s more like a camping site, with a tiny tiny convenience store. No need to say the prices are outstanding, but the most amazing for us little Frenchies, was the absence of drinking water… No drinking water on any tap except one near the pool! Other interesting fact, is the internet… whoa, that takes you back 10 years ago when internet was soooo slow, on dirty old computers, something like 1 dollars a minute!

But thank god, there is enough to do in Coral Bay not to need the internet too much 😉 First, it is simply gorgeous! White sand and blue waters, you just want to seat on the beach and look at it for hours. My idea was to get my little brother (it was his birthday) a swim with the whale shark, in Exmouth… He politly refused, on the grounds of being ‘too expensive’ but the only thing that saved him was that we could not find a bus to take us to Exmouth! Instead, I got him a swim with the Manta rays, but the little bugger refused to do it unless we were doing it with him, so here we went! They only let you in the water with the rays for about 30 seconds, but they ARE wild manta rays, and I don’t think you can imagine how huge they are unless they are swimming next to you… You first see the shadow, a dark spot moving in the water, that’s when you start to think ‘damned, there’s no way I’m going in with this thing!!’ Flipping scary!! We had booked a cruise, sort of a whale watching/swimming with the rays /snorkelling in the reef cruise. They had prepared a huuuuuge lunch buffet made of mini sandwiches and a fruit basket. We’ve had the chance to see a few whales, a dugong, swim with a few sharks and found a couple of rays. It was expensive, but I don’t regret it for a minute!

We spent some time by the beach, watch a couple of beautiful sunset and enjoyed each others company!

Have a great week end everyone!


















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