Get over your hill and see what you find there

Hello there!


Finishing today my little serie on Quiberon… On our second day, we started having really bad weather, so what else to do in such conditions than taking a walk in the beautiful Côte Sauvage? It is the very end of the peninsula, a very wrecked landscape where the waves comes rushing to the rocks with the storm. I love a good dark sky, heavy clouds, the yellow light.

We had a drink by the beach later on, watching the rain in the horizon, waiting for it to pour over us, but it did not. The next morning, we woke up to a beautiful sunshine, started on our morning run, and halfway through the wind started to blow and we found ourselves in the heart of the storm… Why does it always have to happen halfway?? Later on that morning, the sun came back and we almost believed to a beautiful summer day. However, as they say in Bretagne, ‘sunshine it is many times a day’ but it also means the rest of the time it is rain!

I hope you enjoy the photos, and will have a chance to see this beautiful part of France one day.



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