Recipe of the week


How was everyone week end? Mine was full of wedding celebrations, sun and Champagne!


Finally, a recipe again… Not that I haven’t baked anything, in fact, with the amount of sweets I have prepared and eaten this past month I was very VERY surprised to see that not only I still fitted in my dress, but that it was now a little too big! Anyway, nothing that was interesting enough to share, however this week, we celebrated my Mom and Dad 30st wedding anniversary. If they don’t give a shit about it, I do, or maybe I was just looking for an excuse to prepare a big cake, something that would look amazing, with lots of cream, see what I mean?

It happens that my mom loooooves Mojito, so I thought, why not make her a Mojito cake? I googled it, found a recipe, tried it, made something beautiful, and I think they were very touched I actually took the trouble to prepare something for them!

I used this recipe, exactly as it was for I am very unused to make such big cakes. I just divided the proportions in half because we were only four at the dinner table that night, and except for the frosting it was largely enough for the four of us (I had to make a bit more than what’s in the recipe to cover the whole cake). I am definitly not a big fan of buttercream frosting, I thought a lime buttercream would suit me but unfortunately it didn’t… But everyone around loved it, by the look of it!! The genoise takes a bit of work to make as you have to whisk the eggs by hand for a good 15 minutes but it gives a very airy cake that compensates the sweetness of the frosting. Last thing, I did not prepare the pecan thing to coat the cake, I put plain pistaccios.

What do you think of that?





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