Welcome to Bretagne

Hi people!


Back to reality… I had a very good week end, even though it was pretty much storming all along. But I always say there are only two places in the world where I agree to some heavy wind and pouring rain, that is: New Zealand and Bretagne. In fact, if I love liying at the beach all day, I prefer Bretagne with a big fat storm, maybe it comes from my past love for sailing. The skies are ever so fantastic over the wrecked coastline. Just in case, maybe I should mention that Bretagne is the little ‘arm’ of land that you see on the west coast of France. We’ve been going to Quiberon every summer since I was a very little girl, and I like to say that I am totally bretonne at heart. Quiberon is what we call a presqu’ile, literally meaning ‘almost an isle’. Only a narrow piece of land links Quiberon to the continent. It is popular for summer vacation among French people.

The weather was actully not too bad on our first day, we even had a nice morning with a bright blue sky. We went to the beach so my parents could have a dip, went shopping in the afternoon and had a nice mojito on the sand to finish the day. This week end was all about sea food and booze, as always with mom and dad, and let me tell you, we had a feast of both!

Happy days really. Here are some photos, I’ll have a few more to share later in the week.




PS Happy 30st wedding anniversary to my beloved parents! 30 years together, with two personalities so absolutly opposite, leaves me in awe.


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