Travel Theme: Sweet

My definition of sweet only relates to food. I love to bake, because it always turn out so pretty and I love to eat what I bake just because I’m such a sweet tooth with no self control.

I like to think that when you travel, the things you remember the most will be the things your eat. How many times did I say ‘Oh, do you remember when we ate that declicious *** , where were we?’. And then, comes back the memory of the place and the time and all the stories that goes along with it.

  • I went to London this January, to visit my brother. We went to Notting Hill market before I left, Sunday morning, and all I can remember of that trip is the snow, the cold and the amazing donuts and muffins stalls…


  • When my parents and brother came to visit in Melbourne, we found the cuttest wee store, called Little Cupcakes in one of Melbourne’s little lane near Flinder’s street. Everything in that tiny tiny store was perfect, exactly the type of place I would like to own someday. For me, it was like we had taken everything that was Melbourne and we had put it in a single place.


  • Stangely enough what I remember about my first trip to Ireland 5 years ago is, of course the beauty of the landscapes and the beers, but also the food… The dessert and sweets more particularly and probably that is why I love English  (and Irish) culture so much, because of the tea tradition… The afternoon tea with a little sweet on the side…




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