Experience extraodinary


IMGP4251As promised, a proper post on Western Australia, and obviously I cannot but start with Perth, where it all began. My idea was, as I was freezing my ass in Melbourne I had to go where the sunshine and heat were… My whole time in Melbourne I kept saying my next step would be Brisbane and it is only when I went to buy the plane ticket that I suddenly decided for Perth… The day I flew, Perth was experiencing their ‘worst storm in a hundred years’ I quote. For some reason, it keeps happening to me!! The plane took forever to land and I arrived at the darkest hours…

I did not have a great impression about Perth, and I haven’t really changed my mind as I got to know the city a bit better. I first went down to a hostel on William St (in Northbridge), a place called Brittania on Williams. I do not know why I picked it, but I absolutly hated it! I tried a few hostels in Perth and all of them where: expensive AND dirty. This one, the room had no windows, no air conditioning, the kitchen was dirty, creepy old men were running around the place trying to catch a young girl in their nets and the legend of the bed bugs finally reached my ears… I stayed I think four nights, and my heart broke as I left! I met the craziest of Irish man, my roomie for these few days, and he became my best friend – to say the least – for the next few months. Travelling is all about the people you find along your way… This hostel has the advantage to be located in Northbridge, the backpacking place… You need to get past the hookers and strip clubs because it is definitly the best neighborhood of Perth. All the vintage shops, edgy pubs or restaurants are there. Have a beer at the Monkey Brass, a huge pub on William St that you can’t miss. I loved it!

As for Perth, it is a very small city, small city center with lots of shops and pubs. The main attractions to the city for me are:

  • the beautiful King’s Park: simply huge, this park is located in the heart of the city, with lots of playgrounds and astonishing views on Perth or the Swan River. Be sure to stay till sunset to have a loof of the city lights.




  • the beaches: Cottesloe, Scarborough or city beach. My absolute favorite being Cottesloe, beautiful place, we used to go there on Sunday afternoons to play some beach volley. There is a lovely running path to follow the coast as well, and if I remember well, a golf club. You can go surfing there, but beware of sharks they have killed a few people on that very beach.




Next week, I will take you to my beautiful Fremantle, in the meantime, have a great week end!




One thought on “Experience extraodinary

  1. yeah we stayed at Brittania on William st, very basic and not very clean. we stayed a night and went to the Old Swan Barracks instead which was better. Agree with Cottesloe beach too, beautiful.

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