Recipe of the week

Happy 14th of July!

20130711_192332Here in France, we are celebrating our National Day, remembering the 14th of July 1789 when the French Revolution took place. Very unusual national day this year, as it is bright sunshine, a true summer day! But thank you to our dear president and his messed up tie to remind us that some things will never change…

There isn’t a proper dish for this day I have to admit, I am unsure the tradition of the 14th actually includes a meal… For me, the 14th was always Dad and my two brothers, on vacation in Quiberon, freezing our ass in the pouring rain, waiting fearly wondering if this year, they’d be able to throw the fireworks, in such disgusting conditions…

I had prepared some chocolate crinkle cookies to accompany our coffees. I stumbled accross the recipe on The Novice Chef Blog, gave it  try a few days ago and my brother was so exited about them I decided to prepare another batch for today’s lunch with the family. They are easy to make, good looking and tasty cookies. I cut down the sugar by half but apart from that, I used the exact recipe from the blog. I got 22 pieces, about one tablespoon of dough each if you want to have an idea.

Have a look at this blog, there are quite a few gems in there!




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