In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take


I was driving this afternoon, and as usual my mind was drifting to that far away land, and once again, it hit me right in the face, how much I miss travelling. It happens so often now, usually it is when I drive among the vineyards, with the sun and the blue sky. Because no matter how much I belong to this land and these vines, all I ever want to do is LEAVE. Can’t we be happy in just one place? They tell me it will fade as I get older, but older I’ve become and it still hasn’t faded. What if it doesn’t? How to ever settle?

IMGP2320I wanted to share today a special place, for a very different reason this time. This place, it is the ONLY place in Australia that I have absolutly hated! I name… Mission Beach, a couple hundreds kilometers down from Cairns. Don’t get me wrong, Mission Beach is among the paradise beaches on the Great Bareer Reef, where you go lay in the sun or snorkelling with the turtles… Unless, you choose the wrong season… Yes, because when I took my parents to the Great Bareer Reef, I did not have a clue about OZ, and for me it was summer every day of the year. North Queensland is under a tropical sort of climate, with two different seasons: wet and dry. Do I need to say which one I chose to go? March is the worst month of the year Want to know why?

-Hot and wet

-Every single touristic activity is closed

-You cannot go swimming in the ocean because of the blue stingers. Don’t try, they’ll kill you. There are two nets in Mission Beach if you want to have a swim, however, we went there a week after a hurricane (another joy of the wet season) and everything was destroyed

-The bugs. Oh god. Don’t ask me to explain, I have worked very hard to erase these two days from my memory…

-The rain. Downpours of rain without any interruption and by the time we drove to the aiport in Cairns the water was up to the doors of the car

There are of course, always, a few good memories that I need to share:

-I introduced my parents to Fish and Chips. I mean, how do you even wait 60 years before trying fish and chips??

-We booked that amazing bungalow in an ‘eco friendly’ resort down by the beach. We could not get over how cheap it was. Until we got there (off season). The pool was gorgeous and the BANANAS!! I had to wait 23 years to see my first banana tree, and boy, doesn’t it look odd! They were sugar bananas growing all over the resort and the boss had told us to eat all that we could otherwise they’d be lost. Sure we did our best!

-The wee restaurant down by the beach. Forget all the beetle flying around and spiders hanging from the ceiling and you’ll get amazing food and great atmosphere

-Mission Beach is known for being the home of quite a few Casoar. Ever heard of these animals? They are huge kinda birds, they can’t fly and they have that very strange thing on their head. We’ve seen two of them and have felt so lucky for they are amazingly rare birds. Our lives are finally complete.

IMGP2372One more funny story. On the second day we decided, as everything was closed including the crocodile farm, to go and see whatever falls that I can’t remember the name on top of a mountain of course. We took the car, and drove drove drove up, avoiding the cows on the road and trying not to ruin the car on the dirt road. Must have taken us a good 45 minutes to get to the top. We got out of the car, walked to the look out, heard the falls very clearly, but from inside the cloud that we were in we could not see the falls… Failure of a day or what?

Every trip can’t always be a success, as long as you have great company it can’t be lost.






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