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Hey there!

IMGP7482I hope you’re having a great week end? We finally have some sun here today, it feels like summer has finally arrived, so I am HAPPY!

Week end post is always about Australia, and of course there will be some sun! Fraser Island, ever heard of it? A wild place somewhere near the Great Barrier Reef? We went for a day trip last December, hoping to pet some dingos and swim in beautiful lagoons…

We stayed in Hervey Bay, at a hostel named Flashpackers. Without a doubt, I would recommend it to anyone! Brand new, very modern, music in the common rooms, fancy kitchen, it also has a room/fridge!! Huge pool, movie theater room we had a wonderful couple of nights, we wished we had stayed longer to take advantage of all that was available to us! And the shower just BLEW MY MIND! I have never seen a shower like that before, I want one at home. Only downside: no air conditioning in the rooms… I nearly died in there, 40 degrees all day, sharing it with 8 people, and one electrical fan (knowing that we had booked a four people dorm with air con, and that’s we ended up in…). You will never know how much I cherished this memory during while I was freezing my a** in Spain…



We took the ferry to Fraser early morning, on a very sunny day. It was an organized day trip, you have to know that you can only access the island by booking a tour OR with a 4WD. Nothing else will get you in. And no wonder… There isn’t a single road, just some paths drawn on the sand. Millions of path actually! This island is a famous spot for Australian vacationers, and when we came it was full of people. The island is very well known for its beaches (we could not swim because of the stingers), the dingos, the forest, the shipwreck and Lake McKenzie: picture perfect, with its white sand and blue water. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen a single dingo, apparently it was ‘too hot’. We literally roasted, but at that point of the trip, our skin was already so burnt, we were getting sunburnt on top of our tan (or the other way around?) and we had turned a weird shade or brownish/redish… We’ll never say it enough, be careful with Australian sun, it hits harder than anywhere else on the planet.

We had to leave very early in the morning to get back in time to Brisbane in time for my plane, and as we got ready to leave, disaster fell upon us: the kitchen was closed. 6 AM, sweating already, trying to open the bloody door, we cried our pringles, nutella and vodka (all backpackers in Oz will know what these two last items represent). The hard life on the road…

Just a few photos to finish this story, so enjoy!




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