Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

Hey there!

Time to introduce you to that little thing that have been my companion for the past three years: Ponpon


Being a student with no settled situation, I never thought about getting a pet. Then my friend E. decided she wanted a goldfish for her birthday, so of course I got her a gold fish for her birthday… Took her to the pet store, facing the millions little gold fish she was taking forever to pick one, so I said ‘I’m just going to go over to the rabbits to have a look’. How could I resist that tiny little face huh??

In the end, I told E. she had to choose that little gold fish, because of its particular yellow color… Do I need to say that little  fish was actually yellow because it was sick? Poor Dudule, we buried him not even two weeks later… Ponpon on the other hand, is still alive and well, running and jumping around with its ears flying around his face! He is a very cheeky, stubborn kinda rabbit who looooooves to do things that annoy me!

Funny how you get attached to those little things no?

Here is Ponpon, as of today:


Isn’t he gorgeous?

Thanks to the Daily Post for allowing me to post a wonderfully cheesy post about my favorite companion… Without whom I certainly would have never come home… Anyway, have a good day!




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