Bring your own sunshine


IMGP7389Continuing our trip through the East Coast of Australia, our stop today is: Noosa. In my mind, Noosa was this little heaven, white sand beaches, surfing, a quiet paradise… A paradise it is, quiet it definitly is, but it is also VERY crowded!

We stopped there in December, with a boiling hot couple of days, ready for two full days of fun and party! We had booked a room at Dolphin Beach House, a hostel far off from the ‘city’ center, completly pink! Omg, gorgeous place really, so relaxing, with the major drawback of being so far from the center – and the main beach – and without a car, there is no other way but to stay there… So the hostel provides a few shuttles a day, and there is a magnificent beach down the road, but well, not the ideal to do grocery shopping or if you want to have dinner at a restaurant, or just have a night out! A specificity of this hostel is that it is eco-friendly, for example, they are very strict on water, so they only have hot water early in the morning and at some point at night, to limit the shower time. It only means queue for the showers in the morning, but well, it was hot anyway so it did not bother us to take cold showers.

On the first morning, we woke up to the smell of fire. Indeed, there was a bush fire somewhere, and the whole day was sort of in a fog, very heavy heat, and it was a strange impression. Bushfires are part of Australian life, but they are my favorite thing to experience. You can see on some of the photos how the sky was foggy from the smoke.

We liked Noosa even though it wasn’t at all the party place as we thought it would be. We went to the beach – somehow, Noosa is a major surfing point but there isn’t a single place that offer surfing lessons. All you can do is hire a board, but seeing the size of the waves, no way we were going in there without a single idea on how to surf! There is a national park, that goes from the Main Beach, a few hours walk in the bush, then through the ‘naked people beach ‘ (wow be prepared), and down the hill to the beach down from the hostel. It is an easy walk and it was so hot we obviously did it ‘just as we were’ meaning flip flops, shorts, and carrying only a bottle of water. Of course C. hit her foot on a rock, cut her big toe, right in the middle of the park. Pissing blood everywhere, she carried her disgusting little toe all the way to the end… I know better by now, there is not a trip I take with her without carrying the whole First Aid box…

Anyway, some sunny pics to start this week!




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