Day trip to Ciudad Rodrigo


_IGP9445The day before I left Spain, I finally had the chance to pay a visit to Ciudad Rodrigo, a village on the west side of Spain, some 90 km from Salamanca. I had heard of it from quite a lot of people, and indeed it is quite a beautiful place! Very much like Salamanca but with a very village feel, and probably that’s what would have happened to Salamanca if they did not have this amazing university.

We arrived late morning, to an empty village, only a few old people sipping a beer and gossiping in the ‘Plaza Mayor’. To be honest, it seemed like a giant nursing home, however, a very lovely one. The temperature was already appraoching the thirties, we strolled along the paved streets, admiring the storks and old architecture. The cathedral is simply huge and I am always so impressed that even the smallest villages in Spain boast an enormous cathedral – among other churches, monasteries and convent.

Ciudad Rodrigo is very tipical of Castilla y Leon. They say this is the poorest region of Spain, and I believe it. Cities are deserted by young people, there is no activity at all, wether you’re driving on the roads or visiting the places. No cars, no trucks, no farming, just nothing. Thank god for the beautiful architecture and the tourists coming accross the area or all of these places would be wiped out of the map.

That’s all for today, I hope you enjoy the pictures, and be sure to give Ciudad Rodrigo a try if you have the chance, it is lovely!




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