Happy first day of summer!


IMGP7366To celebrate this first day of summer, let’s take a walk down the beach, shall we? What about Surfers Paradise, feeling tempted? Yes, there is actually a place called Surfers Paradise… A small city on the Gold Coast, in Queensland Australia.

We spent three days there, last December, at the beginning of summer actually. Very famous for backpackers, we had chosen it as it was my last week in Oz, and I needed to take as much beach/ocean/summer as possible before I headed back to rainy Europe… We stayed at Sleeping Inn Surfers, a backpacker’s hostel a little off from the beach side, it has a beautiful pool, and a girls only building. I liked the place, it was quiet and relaxing, definitly recommending it.

Surfers Paradise is a very very touristy place, you’ll find huge trendy stores such as Roxy or Rip Curl but also all the luxury brands. Fancy cars and muscular shirtless guys are all over the place. Ice cream shops, restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, you have it all.

C. and I had this great plan to go to the beach, take a surfing lesson, maybe go to Sea World, all our time had to be filled up. Of course, we messed up the dates and she arrived one day later than we thought. Then we were so exhausted from travelling all night that we crashed on the beach, fell asleep and burnt every inch of our skin. It was a very very windy couple of days so… surfing did not seem like the appropriate thing to do…

It was in the end a great relaxing couple of days. Look at this beach, isn’t it gorgeous? Looooove it!

Have a great week end everyone, I will keep my eyes stuck to these fotos and avoid any look to the window, the rain and greyness surrounding me…




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