Hasta luego Espana…


20130613_204109I am still so unused to my new life, living with my parents again, for the first time in 6 years bothers me more than I thought it would.

But anyway, my last week in Spain was full of events and I think it’s time I share a little bit…

I finished my last exam on Tuesday and took a bus straight to Madrid to meet my bestie C. that I hadn’t seen for 6 months already. The weather was brilliant, 34° sunshine, couldn’t hope for anything better!! We had a crazy night and spend the next day paying for it… Got back to Salamanca on Thursday, and that’s when I learnt, the TERRIBLE news!!! I failed an exam. Never in my life it has happened to me. Did not see that one coming really, so I did what I never do: I went to the teacher to ask for help, get some extra work for some extra credit (this subject is the very last I need to pass to graduate, so be understanding I do not usually care that much!), or whatever he’d be willing to make me do… Well let me tell you: MISTAKE. Never in my life have I been screamed at like that, litterally humiliated in public. It’s all a good joke now when I think of it, but I was in such a rage afterwards, and eventually I still can’t graduate because of it…

Anyway, my point was a last post about my dear Salamanca. It was a heartbreak to leave it with such a beautiful sunshine, but hey, after leaving the Down Under there were no tears left to be shed. We spend the last three days sightseeing the region, eating tapas and drinking sangria. My dad drove down for the week end and he was like a kid, reunited with his old Salamanca, telling us all the stories of his mad student days here 😉

So this is my last batch of pictures of Salamanca: the Universidad Antigua. I will miss these old buildings for sure. But at least I hope that will give some of you the idea of visiting it…




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