Recipe of the week


labelbox_20130604_144928That sweet time of the week again… I am very exited to the idea of finally be reunited with a proper kitchen, with actual kitchen appliances and a good oven. No because I love to bake, but creaming butter with my own hands is a wee bit tiring for my lazy fingers!

I have been craving cinnamon lately and obviously, Snickerdoodle cookies had to come on the menu eventually.

I found the recipe on Joy of baking’s blog, there is a video to go with it (link to recipe here), I divided the proportions in 2 because it seemed simply huge, and I still ended up with about 20 cookies. I put the batter in the fridge for about 2 hours, and they spread an awful lot during the cooking, so be sure to leave a good space in between them.

My roomie told me, and he is a sweet tooth, that these were the best cookies he’s had in his life. Meaning, they have a huge taste of sugar, so be prepared!





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