The end is near!!

Hello everyone!

Omg, this might be my last week end of studying! I am, EVER! Wow, I just can’t imagine a life without anything hanging over my head anymore…

However, I still have one more final to go on Tuesday, no words can tell how exited I am for it to be over. Salamanca is just so quiet, toooooo quiet these days!! Two weeks ago, the streets suddenly emptied and the libraries filled up, the sound of the silence at night prevent me from sleeping, and Salamanca isn’t just quite the same without all the crazy students partying. I bet next week will be MAD!

So, here’s a little pick at what are exams week like in Salamanca:

  • A lot of tea and coffee:


  • Some chilling in the sun:


  • A LOT of procrastination studying:


  • Some … distraction:


  • A few sweets:


Good luck to all of you enduuuuuuring…




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