The things we hold on to…

Hello Friday! I have waited for you all week…

IMGP0923Starting today a serie of Friday Ozi posts about Queensland! The sunshine state as they call it! Huge state that boasts the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and the Great Barrier Reef, no less!

So I’ll start with the only main metropolis of Queensland: Brisbane. The city is located at the bottom of the state, not far from NSW, but probably around 10 hours drive from Sydney. Unfortunately, this is about the only big city of Australia that do not have a coast… It is less than an hour from the beach but you have to know it is inland… After a while, you learn to be picky…

I loved Brisbane, so much that I went twice. I had planned to spend a few months in Brisbane because I liked it so much when I first went there, and do not ask me why I finally chose Perth over it because I haven’t got a clue! The city is very busy, very hot, very beautiful. It is split in two by a river and the North banks are my favorite. There is a lovely walk you can take that follow the river, or you can take a ride on the City Cats, SO fast!! They are ferries that link the two banks, sort of public transportation if you’d like, but we took it just for fun.

If you’re a backpacker, you want to stay in the Fortitude Valley, a neighboroud 10 minutes walk from the CBD. Lots of hostels, lots of pubs, lots of clubs, the party place really! When I went in December, so start of the summer, it was so hot, so sunny, everybody was out and about sipping beers, they had put an outdoor cinema in a little place in the middle of a street… If you want to know, I spent my very last day in Oz in Brisbane, and to me, it looked like the place I’d stay for my whole life. Drinking our last Mojito, our faces and bodies burnt by a week of sun in the Gold Coast, I had to gather ALL my strength not to cry…I jumped on the plane with 35° sunshine, and got out in France with a 5 degrees rain, and I still wonder how I did not throw myself out of the windows.

Do not forget to have a go at the fake public beach on the South Banks. Just to see the sunset on the city. And if you have the time, take a tour to Lone Pine Sanctury, to hold a koala once in your life, and pet gorgeous Kangaroos!

Pictures, in that case, will be better than a 100 words, so enjoy!




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