Being a tourist in your own city…


_IGP9253How was your week end? As far as I’m concerned, 4 days of sunshine have reconciled me with Salamanca!

Which is why I felt like it was time I shared some of my tourist experience in the city… When you settle somewhere, even though you know when the end will be, ultimately you’ll wait for the very end to finally start visiting…

It took me the visit of a friend to finally do something: la Universidad Pontificia y la Iglesia Clerecia will be my main focus today. This university is the oldest of Europe, it is a very special, quiet place to visit. You need to pay a fee to get in, you’ll have a guide to explain it all along the way, but students are actually attending this school! You can also pay to go up in the church, and from there you’ll have a great view on Salamanca and the Catedral Vieja. The whole thing is, if I remember well, around 6 euros.

One interesting historical fact, if you look at the photos, there is one with names written on a wall. They are all over the university and they are the names of all the doctorates of the Universidad Pontificia since the beggining of times… In the old days, when a student would get his doctorate, a huge party would be organized on Plaza Mayor, ten bulls would be brought for a corrida, and the name of the newly graduate would be written on the wall with the blood of the bulls. The little sign you see on top of the names are the symbol of the university of Salamanca.


If you have the opportunity to go to Spain, take a day or two to visit Salamanca, it is worth it.




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