Travel Theme: Pathways


I am very exited today about this new travel theme because that gives me the opportunity to share with you a very special place: Tangariro National Park, New Zealand.

This must be one of the most fabulous place I got to see in my life! When I try to rank the places I’ve seen in terms of what was the most beautiful, Grand Canyon inevitably comes first, but I’m pretty sure now Tangariro is the second.

Just as always, there is a story that goes along… I went to Tangariro a first time in May 2012 when E. and I travelled NZ, and I don’t think we’ve ever been that exited in our lives about anything. For this mountain is none other that Mount Doom!! Yes we are Lord of the Rings dorks… The closest we got to the park the darkest the sky… By the time we arrived in National Park village, downpours of rain were falling on us. We asked everyone around, litteraly begged them to take us to the park the next day, no matter the rain, we would face it! They all laughed at us because the park was closed down as ‘the storm is coming’. No one dared to take us there, but hurricane or not, we would have done it! We left miserably the next day for no one was willing to help us…

The second time, it was December 2012, when my mam came to visit me. I flew up to Auckland, three days before we were due for Tangariro, and all of a sudden I decide to watch the news (I rarely do) and there it was: Tangariro has entered into eruption. WTF?? Really??! Let me tell you, I refused to listen to anyone telling me it was stupid to go down there, I took my mom with me, we booked a shuttle to the park, and by the time we arrived the weather was bloody GORGEOUS like I have rarely seen it in NZ!!

Long story short, Tangariro National Park is outside of this earth. You’ll have no clue where you are really, you could be on the moon for all I know. It is beauty itself, it is silence itself, it is the WILD. I love it, and all the tears were worth it!

Now, the few photos I have selected for this week:




IMGP5808If you want to know more about Travel Theme go to see Where is my backpack?




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