Be in love with your life, every minute of it



I have attended my last class today, the last class of my life!! It feels amazing, how much I came to hate sitting in the classroom listening to some nonsense in the past few years is quite unbelievable!

Anyway, this Friday I am taking you to Sydney! Be prepared for an awful lot of photos coming up, this city is just so bloody picturesque, I am not even telling you how many photos of the opera alone I have!

We spent three days in Sydney, but obviously it is not enough. Some of my friends ended up staying more than three months and haven’t even seen the beginning of it. It is simply huge, so break your trip into day trips. For instance we did:

-CBD, Sydney Harbour, the Rocks on Day 1

-Manly Beach Day 2

-Bondi Beach Day 3

Manly and Bondi are the backpacking spots. Surfing and partying, that’s also where you’ll find the cheap hostels. We booked a hotel in the CBD, so I can’t tell but I heard many times hostels in Sydney … they are what a normal person would call “challenging” and backpackers would just love it! One of my friends used to be night manager in a hostel in Manly, and the things he’s seen!

Anyway, not the point here, let me introduce you to some photos…

  • Day 1: CBD, Sydney Harbour, the Rocks:

We’ve all seen photos of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House but you have to go  there to truly experience the whole neighborhood feel… The bars, cafés, and restaurants, people everywhere, runners, trees and grass etc. Very turistic oh yes, but it is amazing! And I don’t normally like cities especially when they are packed with people.

You can do the Bridge climbing, my dreaaaaaam, or go visit the Opera, or just take a stroll around the harbour, from the Botanic Gardens to the Rocks. The Rocks is the oldest part of Sydney, but probably one of the most trendy. Café, bars, pubs, restaurant you’ll find great quality there!


  • Day 2: Manly Beach

Manly, is a surfing point. The day we went, swimming was forbidden because of too much swell, and don’t even bother trying to get in the water anyway, the lifeguards will come and catch you. We followed the path on the right and found a lovely beach, sheltered from the wind for a nice swim. If you follow the walking track, you will get to the national park. Beautiful view on Manly, but if you are scared (or worse) of spiders or any kinda bugs, let me advise you to walk away be prepared. This walk turned into my personal nightmare!!

One more thing about Manly: it is packed with French people.


  • Day 3: Bondi Beach

Bondi is probably one of the most famous surfing beach of Australia. As you can see, the weather wasn’t quite as good that day, but we still decided to go for the walk to Coogee. Australians like to run it, with their little backpacks, but I hardly managed to get to the end and it’s only what… 8k? Up and downs with gorgeous view! We had a nice lunch in Bronte, then walked all the way back to the city.


I hope you enjoyed the tour!





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