Recipe: nutella and cinnamon muffins


_IGP9180A little sweetness to start the week!

These little babies are nutella and cinnamon muffins… As soon as I seen the recipe on Sally’s blog (you can find the recipe on this link),  I could not stop thinking of giving it a try, so when E. came over, of course we gave it a go!

Unfortunately -and most likely due to the fact that I bought a cheap version of hazelnut spread – it wasn’t as heavenly as it should have been, but still, the cinnamon and sugar crust is such a good idea!

Anyone has a clue on how to make sure the nutella is not going to fall down to the bottom of the muffin? I put the nutella in the middle of the batter, but somehow it ended on the bottom… Any clues are most welcome!

Have a great week everyone!





One thought on “Recipe: nutella and cinnamon muffins

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