Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape


And yet another week end is gone… I have been working once again on my thesis, trying to brush it all up and make it gorgeous before finally handing it back… Thesis, is a long, tedious work of research that for me represented an absolute torture… How to keep concentrate so long on a piece of work that has no interest whatsoever for me?

When I’m sitting in class or at my desk overlooking a project of some kind that’s where my mind will escape. Always, I find myself on top of that hill among the sheeps, claiming that big city that is Christchurch but from where I am, I can’t hear any of the usual noises of a city. All I can hear is the rush of the wind in the grass, and the sounds of nature. I am cold but happy, for what is in front of me is the life I love and I am sitting where I always wanted to be. But Alex calls me so we move on, or maybe it’s reality and the dream fades. If the vision fades, the feelings won’t ever be changed, or moved, they won’t let me go.

I absolutly love this foto, the colors of the sky that represents so well the South Island of New Zealand, the green of the grass, the mountain range covered in snow, and the sheeps running away from something, of course, absolutly terrifying.





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