Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air


How are you? This week is finally coming to an end! So much had to be done for this last week of uni, WTF happened!! I put an egg to boil tonight, forgot about it, went to the kitchen on intense procrastination – probably around an hour after I put my egg – and the thing litterally exploded to my face. Did you know that could happen? With my face covered in boiling egg, I went back to work as if nothing happened and went straight back to procrastinating…


I know you don’t care a bit about all this, so I’ll just go straight to the point of today’s post: Eden. This little piece of heaven (I know I say this pretty much about every place in OZ) on the coast of New South Wales. It is far less touristic than other sites of NSW, but I had a very pleasant week end there! I took the bus from Melbourne to meet my friend A., her boyfriend’s parents live there and believe me, they have the perfect beach house, with the best view on the ocean and kangaroos on the lawn. The best part? It is not their beach house but they everyday life… It takes about 10 hours bus down there, I had no clue when I booked it. A 10 hours trip in Europe, it could probably take me to Poland. Or Madrid. The kind a trip I would never choose for a week end, the kinda trip I would never devote less than an entire week for ‘it is so far’. But in Australia, in 10 hours you are barely to the next city!

Anyway, we spent three days swimming, sailing, sunbathing, fishing shrimps and eating delicous food. As for Australia Day? Imagine your perfect day, chilling at the beach with your beers and your mates, a barbecue and ice cream, and there you have it. It was worth the 10 hours bus ride with a sick stomach. Did I not mention how I caught my first ever gastro? Yes, Australia has a habit of taking me down fairly easily… The first time ever I missed a day of work for I felt too sick. Or maybe it was because I had stayed up till two in the morning to watch the semi finals of the Melbourne Open?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the fotos, a bit of sunshine, I don’t know about you, but here in Salamanca we have welcomed winter again… Under 10 degrees in mornings and no more than 13 in the arvos. And of course, my NEMESIS, rain has made a brilliant come back….




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