Madrid – Part 2




On Saturday, the weather was perfect : hot but not too hot, blue sky without a cloud. My friend E. arrived around 10:30 and we headed straight to the Museo de la Reina Sofia, where you will find the famous Guernica, from Picasso. The queue for the Dali exhibition was already HUGE, so we did not even bother. E. and I, we’ve be stuck in vain for about 7 hours in the queue for Picasso in Paris a few years back and we’ll never do it again! We went straight to the counter for the permanent collection and the lady gave us… free tickets for Dali! Don’t ask, I have no clue what went through her mind but I feel we have been so lucky to have this opportunity to see so much Dali, for this is an artist that I love.

Picnic in the Retiro was next on the list, and of course we rented a little boat and paddled on the lake for 45 minutes… Really I could spend every sunny day in El Retiro!

Next, El Prado – everything is in the same area. Huge museum, to which you could dedicate an entire week end, we only had a few hours so we went for the 30 or so major pieces. After six, the museum is free for everyone, and everyday for students.


Restaurant and drinks to finish this successful day and back at the hostel! We were staying at No Name City Hostel on Calle Atocha, between Plaza Mayor and Puerta del Sol. Great location, cheap, new and clean, free wifi and free breakfast, what else could we ask for? However, we did not go to bed before 2:30AM because our worried american roomie was deligthed to find some french girls to share her worries about her upcoming trip to Paris…

‘So, I am taking Ryan Air, and they say they only allow 15kg, but I’m a bit overweight, do you think that’s a problem’

‘Probably yes, how overweight is it?’

‘I have at least 21 kg’

God, six kilos overweight, I mean come on, of course that will be a problem!! Especially Ryan Air! Her first trip outside of the USA, cute no? It wasn’t very cute anymore when she litteraly spent all night typing on her computer: as she had to leave at 5AM, no point in going to sleep… Well thank you… At 6, that girl came stumbling in the room and crashed on the floor by my bed. Her friend put her to sleep, and she started snoring like a man… At 8, was woken up by a horrible noise, I thought E. was having an asthma attack, but no, it was just my roomate choking in her own puke. It did not even woke her up, but at least she stopped snoring. Americans, they just can’t handle their alcohol 😉 Ah dear, it ached how much I miss hostel life.

After all that adventure, we headed to the flea market at El Rastro, where you will find everything necessary to commit the perfect murder.

For lunch, we bought the delicacy of Madrid: bocadillo de calamares ( fried calamaris sandwich) AND against all expectations, it is not that bad! Last stop at the train station of Atocha on our way to the bus, they have recreated the rain forest in there, with a pond full of turtles.

It was a very touristy week end, but they say Madrid is a city that never sleeps… I am already planning a second trip with C., fiesta being the main purpose of visit!




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