Photo Week Challenge: Patterns


Want to know what happened today? I woke up, I realized -5 months later – that yes, I had left NZ, that it wasn’t just a f*** nightmare but actually my life.

How do you even let go of your dreams once they are fulfilled?

Blah, horrible day really, I spent about 5hours preparing a magnificent Power Point presentation for my class tonight, went up in front of everyone to present, and that’s only when I realized I actually did not bring the power point document with me. FML or what??

Catedral Vieja, Salamanca

Catedral Vieja, Salamanca

Thank god for a nice Photo Challenge! Patterns, it’s exactly what came out of my trip to Madrid. Churches, cathedrals or convents, they all have this very peculiar kind of decoration, with amazing paintings on the ceilings. I picked what to me are the most beautiful ceilings I have seen so far.

Hope you had a better Monday than I did!







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