Madrid – Part 1


I was woken up this Sunday morning at 8:30 by the church next door… I don’t know why, but the priest decided he’d do his entire mass on speaker phones… After half an hour of his screaming in my ears ‘Rosanna… Senor…Misericordia’ and on and on and on, I decided to get up and started a full on day of studying… I gave up at 7:30 tonight because really, how is it that 5 years later I am still studying the same bullshit wondering why I only ever study things I’ll never know of what use they’ll be to me, and how it is that 5 years later I still cannot understand any of it.

Boring story no? So let me talk to you about my week end in Madrid! I spent two days and two nights there, with a brilliant sunshine, my favorite friend and I was very agreeably surprised by this city! So much fun, so many people – NICE people – so many GUYS (Salamanca is absoluty empty of the 20-35  years old male population, I still have no clue why), and just purely beautiful architecture. My favorite part was of course El Retiro, bloody huge park in the middle of the city. We spent a few hours there, just chilling and we had an amazing sunset! It was a rather quiet day that we had to start, just eating, drinking sangria, lambrusco and mojitos. We wandered the streets and found the cutest market ever, Mercado San Miguel and definitly you have to go there at night to have some tapas and wine. We had a yogurt ice cream, this guy comes to me to ask where I found my ice cream (I was literrally standing by the ice cream stand…) and I recognised him from being a schoolmate from France! Small world no?!

Madrid is so much more expensive than Salamanca, but it’s probably on the level of France. I went way over budget that first day, but on our second day, we did a lot more visits, sights seeing, museums which was even more fun! But that will be for another post, because as usual I do not know how to pick JUST the best pictures…

Another week of exams, papers due, and other presentations and then I am finished! Before finals that is…

Hope everyone had a great week end,



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