Take me away


Friday again can you believe it? Where has this week gone? But thank god for the week end, the weather has been horrendous all week again, this winter just won’t end! God damn continent, take me back Down Under!

IMGP0315Which leads me to talk to you about the West Coast of Tasmania this week (see this post last week on the East Coast)… Driving in Tassie, it is very slow, very narrow and winding, it’s deep in the forest or on the edge of a cliff, but it is so much fun!

I drove from the Freycinet to Lake St Clair National Park, where I had a little walk around the park. It was a lovely walk, just like all the parks in Tassie, the path is drawn on the ground, or completly covered with wood to protect the wilderness. That’s when I realized something was wrong with my feet, I had so much discomfort I took off my shoes and they had trippled volume from the amount of bites… I haven’t been able to wear them again all week, but the great thing was, I could drive bare feet, like a true Australian bush man! My only disapointment? I did not see a single platypus!


I spent the night in the little village of Strahan, as adviced by Lonely Planet. If the YHA was a bit of a ‘challenge’, Strahan was a lovely wee village to spend the night, I had a delicious fish and chips watching yet another gorgeous sunet!



I then drove to Craddle Mountain, probably the most famous site of Tasmania and indeed, it is picturesque! I only took the small hike around the lake, but you can do the big journey to the top, or rent a kayak and paddle on the lake. Beautiful beautiful site, I must have taken a million pictures of it from every possible angle, however, it is very rare that you’ll see it with blue sky… unfortunately.

My journey ended where it started, in Launceston. I spent the day roasting in the sun at the Cataract Gorge before taking the plane back to Melbourne.

A week was defintily not enough to see all that Tassie has to offer. The fact that I rented a car was a huge plus, but definitly my most expensive holiday!

Have a great week end everyone!





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