Weekly Photo Challenge: from above


How’s everyone?

Just a quick post tonight, I am shattered… I had an amazing week end with my best French friend, and now that she’s gone, I feel all the weight of my loneliness even harder…. The parting time, always such a trauma to me. It remains from my backpacking days I think. Travelling, yes it means meeting new people, but after a while, all it means is saying goodbye, being left or leaving behind… I got used to it, but for some people, it was harder. G left and I never was that hurt in my life, and for months my head was full of the fear of being left again by anyone I met… Then, I left my gorgeous girl C, and my entire life crashed for it felt no one could ever filled the void these two guys left…

Long story short, this week photo challenge is From Above, in other words, looking down, and DOWN that’s exactly how I feel just now…

This photo was taken yesterday, we climbed to the top of the Iglesia de la Clerecia, right next to the Universidad Pontificia, which you can see on the photo. This shot was taken looking down at the old Salamanca, and we were lucky enough to have a ray of sunshine to accompany us!


Cheers guys!



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